Spring shepherd’s purse: not only delicious but also calcium supplement

Every year in March and April, it is a good time to eat wild vegetables.

The so-called wild vegetables, as the name implies, are those wild plants that can be eaten. Of all the wild vegetables, shepherd’s purse is probably the most well-known one.

As early as < < The Book of Songs > >, there was a sentence of “its sweetness is like water chestnut”. Xin Qiji wrote “spring is in Xitou shepherd’s purse flower”. Su Dongpo also praised it highly as “natural treasures, although small and willing to have five flavors, but beautiful beyond taste.” As a result, shepherd’s purse is difficult to be famous.

However, this little wild vegetable itself is very brilliant-it is widely distributed and has a strong nature. You can find traces of it in any grassland or forest across the great river. Not to mention its delicious taste, whether it is stir-fried, made into soup or chopped into stuffing, it has its own flavor.

The serrated green shepherd’s purse leaves are the freshest and most tender in March and April each year. When the fine white shepherd’s purse flowers bloom, it is mostly old. Although it looks good, its edible quality has declined.

People who talk about science and emotional appeal should not fail to live up to this annual best taste appreciation period.

Not only delicious, but also calcium supplement

When it comes to calcium supplement, everyone knows to drink more milk.

But in fact, shepherd’s purse is also a little expert at calcium supplement.

100 g of shepherd’s purse contains 294 mg of calcium, which is almost 3 times that of milk. Although the absorption rate is not as good as that of calcium in milk, it is expensive in sufficient quantity.

Moreover, among the wild vegetables in spring, there is also a leader in calcium supplement: alfalfa, also known as grass head. The calcium content in 100 g alfalfa is as high as 713 mg, and the calcium requirement of 800 mg a day is up to the standard when a plate of bouquet grass head is eaten.

In fact, almost all dark green vegetables, such as spinach, leeks, lettuce, broccoli and so on, contain high calcium content. Moreover, magnesium, potassium, vitamin K and vitamin C in these vegetables can help improve the utilization rate of calcium.

Since most Chinese people do not have the habit of drinking milk, insufficient calcium intake is still quite common. It is better to eat more while wild vegetables are delicious in spring.

Seasonal recipe

Shepherd’s purse fried rice cake

Ingredients: shepherd’s purse, lean pork, rice cake, cooking wine, raw flour

  1. Wash shepherd’s purse, remove root and yellow leaves, and cut into pieces.

  2. Cut lean meat into shreds and marinate with a little cooking wine and cornstarch.

  3. Heat the pan with oil and stir-fry the pickled pork shreds. Remove after cutting.

  4. Slice the rice cake and stir-fry it slightly. Add water to cover the rice cake and cook it over low heat.

  5. Add shredded meat, salt, monosodium glutamate and other seasonings and boil until the rice cake is soft and smooth.

  6. Add the minced shepherd’s purse and stir-fry slightly to take it out of the pan.

Shepherd’s purse is dull

Ingredients: shepherd’s purse, pork stuffing, wonton skin, eggs, shrimp skin, scallion, laver, raw soy sauce, cooking wine, sesame oil

  1. Wash shepherd’s purse, remove root and yellow leaves, blanch and chop.

  2. Prepare wonton stuffing: mix minced shepherd’s purse with pork stuffing, add an egg, and season with a small amount of cooking wine, salt and monosodium glutamate.

  3. The bag is dull.

  4. Prepare wonton soup: Add appropriate amount of shrimps, laver, scallion segments, raw soy sauce and sesame oil to the bowl.

  5. Cook wonton. After cooking, scoop it up, put it into a bowl, and add soup.