Sperm quantity is small, vitality is poor, deformity is many, cannot conceive the child how to do?

Men ejaculate tens of millions of sperm at a time, of which less than one in ten thousand can go through the vagina, cervix, reach the uterus, and then wait for fertilization in the fallopian tube. In the end, only one sperm can combine with the egg and develop into a fetus.

In this [one in a million] competition, it is very difficult for men to conceive children smoothly if their sperm count is small, their vitality is poor and they have many deformities.

This kind of sperm (semen) problem, which leads to male infertility, is called “oligospermia”, “asthenospermia” and “malformation”.

Which semen problems can cause male infertility?

Causes of male infertility related to semen quality include:

    Low sperm count (oligospermia), low sperm motility (asthenospermia), abnormal sperm morphology (abnormal spermatospermia) and other semen abnormalities

Can I still have children if I have oligoasthenospermia?

After strict and standardized treatment, oligospermia patients are still very likely to have children, but the most important thing is to find out the cause. Let’s talk about the most common situations:

1. Varicocele: Can

Varicocele causes insufficient sperm motility and other conditions, which are generally significantly improved after receiving surgical treatment.

2. Reproductive system infection: Can

Reproductive system infection (such as epididymitis, seminal vesicle adenitis, etc.) causes semen quality to decline. Infertility caused by this condition can be fertile after standardized anti-inflammatory treatment.

3. Genetic factors: IVF

Some patients have genetic defects due to chromosome abnormalities and other reasons. At present, the therapeutic effect of such patients is usually not obvious and the chance of natural conception is relatively small. Therefore, assisted reproductive technologies such as [test tube baby] need to be adopted.

There are other diseases that will lead to abnormal symptoms such as insufficient sperm production ability of testis and blockage of sperm transportation channels, thus causing oligoasthenospermia. Whether these specific circumstances can give birth or not requires specific analysis by doctors.

Six Living Habits Can Improve Sperm Quality

Whether diagnosed as infertile or not, the following suggestions will be helpful to all couples who want children.

Step 1 Quit smoking and stay away from drugs

Smoking will lead to a decrease in sperm count, sperm motility and abnormal sperm morphology. Drug abuse is not only harmful to sperm health, but also illegal. You must stay away from drugs.

Step 2: Drink less or no alcohol

Alcohol can reduce sperm motility and reduce the number of healthy sperm.

3. Exercise moderately and keep weight

Being too fat can lead to endocrine disorders and increase the risk of hypertension and diabetes, thus damaging fragile sperm.

Step 4: Balanced diet

If vitamin C and zinc are insufficient in the human body, sperm activity will be affected, and vitamin E is also related to sperm production and reproduction ability. Therefore, balanced diet should be used to meet the daily nutrition needs of the human body and ensure sperm health.

Step 5 Avoid exposure to toxic substances

Men who are often exposed to toxic and harmful substances (such as pesticides, pesticides, lead, ionizing radiation and heavy metals) in their daily work and life will have an increased risk of infertility.

Step 6 Wear loose, breathable pants

Testicular is very sensitive to temperature. Excessive temperature will affect testicular spermatogenesis function and sperm survival rate. Therefore, it is recommended to wear loose and breathable underpants, not tight jeans, and less sauna and hot water bath.

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