Frequent miscarriages, is the cervical door closed?

The story starts with Ms. Wang’s pregnancy history.

Ms. Wang is 28 years old, married to her husband, and has a successful career. Like most young people of the right age, she is preparing for pregnancy and pregnancy, and all the way is smooth.

Don’t want to, pregnant just after May, one day Ms. Wang cleaned at home, picked up the mop, dragged a few times, also didn’t touch the knock, suddenly lower body fluid, but stomachache, panic after 120 to the hospital. Was told that the child could not be saved. So soon miscarried, sad.

Second pregnancy, It will be a year later, Now summing up the lesson of the last time, You can’t be tired when you’re pregnant, He quit his job, If you don’t do housework, If the gate is not crossed, Peace of mind to raise a baby at home. Lie in bed every day, Time is really not so easy to endure. The washing machine was finished that day, Ms. Wang carried the washed clothes to the balcony. Before she dared to dry the clothes, her lower abdomen felt uncomfortable, swollen and felt bad. She did not delay being sent to the hospital for a moment. [The uterine opening has been opened and the amniotic sac is bulging in the vagina]. She could not be saved again. At this time, she was less than 5 months pregnant, 10 days earlier than the previous time.

By the time Ms. Wang had the courage to get pregnant again, she was 33 years old. The first time I saw Ms. Wang, she was thin and small, and her voice was very light and intermittent. When I reviewed her medical history, she was like a child who had done something wrong. Under my constant prompt, the previous story slowly spliced up completely and clearly.

[Director Hu, do I still have hope? ]

[This is a typical “cervical insufficiency”. After listening to her story, I made a diagnosis and said with relief, “Don’t worry, there is a way.”]

What about cervical insufficiency?

1. Causes of cervical insufficiency

Cervical insufficiency, Also called cervical internal orifice atresia, cervical orifice relaxation, In common terms, the birth door is loose. Just like the door is loose, It doesn’t look different on the outside. But it can be opened with a little thrust, Can’t close. Similarly, the opening of the uterus is loose, and I haven’t felt it in the first trimester of pregnancy. With the increase of gestational weeks, when the pressure in the uterus increases to a certain extent, the birth door will open. Usually occurs before 24 weeks of pregnancy, often without uterine contraction, without any signs, unconsciously the opening of the uterus is dilated, followed by inevitable abortion.

The incidence rate of cervical insufficiency is about 0.1% ~ 2%, which is the common cause of habitual abortion and premature delivery in the second trimester of pregnancy. About 1/3 of cervical insufficiency is caused by congenital factors, and cervical injury caused by childbirth and abortion is the main cause.

2. Treatment of cervical insufficiency

Find out the cause of Ms. Wang’s miscarriage, I made an appointment with her, In the 13th to 14th weeks after the second pregnancy, she was given a cervical circular suture. After anesthesia, The cervical orifice is stitched with thread and tightened, so that the loose delivery door can be [repaired]. Cervical insufficiency can only be solved through this method. However, it should be noted that this suture is to be removed. It is usually recommended to remove the suture at 36 ~ 37 weeks of pregnancy, that is, before delivery. Otherwise, this suture will tear the cervix during birth.

Repairing the delivery door is not repairing the door, just tighten the screws. This is an operation. It is too shallow to solve the problem. It is too deep to sew through the fetal membrane. The depth should be just right.

Clear the clouds and see the sky.

Later, Ms. Wang did a good job in the operation. During pregnancy, she was always careful and finally gave birth to a full-term baby. It was really not easy for her, perhaps she experienced too many frustrations, and the happiness brought to the family by the arrival of the child was doubled. The husband was more considerate and the relationship with her mother-in-law was harmonious.

Of course, it is necessary to remind everyone that The diagnosis of [cervical insufficiency] and [cervical annular suture ligation operation] are very professional medical judgment and treatment, Is to professional doctors according to the corresponding information comprehensive consideration. You also don’t think abortion premature delivery of pregnant women because of the experience of Ms. Wang, is this reason, as long as the uterine sewing can solve the problem. The specific situation or to professional doctors to judge and deal with.

One day last winter, I was in the clinic. I just finished seeing the last pregnant woman and was ready to leave the clinic. A beautiful woman was standing at the door smiling and looking good. It was Ms. Wang mentioned earlier. And met for the first time several years ago. It was totally different and generous and cheerful. Originally, the separate policy was released and the young couple had a second child.

[Can I have a second child in my situation? ]

[Yes, next time I conceive, I will escort! ]

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