Truth, is acidic constitution the source of all diseases?

I often see articles on [acidic constitution and alkaline constitution] on the Internet. The friends who reprinted this article are indeed well-intentioned, just to remind everyone to pay attention to their health so as not to suffer from cancer. However, unfortunately, these two concepts are not recognized at all in the mainstream medical field.

The discussion among the people is hot.

Personally, I remember hearing about this concept at the first time. When I was in high school. Listen to my grandmother who pays great attention to health care and say all day long, After that, I saw advertisements continuously. So-and-so water claimed to be weakly alkaline. Drinking this water can improve the acidic constitution and keep people away from cancer… Just like if you don’t drink mineral water marked with weakly alkaline, you will accidentally become acidic constitution, and what constipation, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, gout, ulcer, obesity and osteoporosis will follow.

But is this the case?

The medical profession is calm.

If you search the Chinese Biomedical Literature Database (CBM) for acidic constitution, you will find that there is not even an article in either keyword search or abstract search.

If [acidic constitution] is really as meaningful as the folk discussion, will it not be paid so much attention by the medical profession? The answer is very simple, because what the folk call [acidic constitution] is just a change of concept. What about the concept of what? Obviously, it is [acidosis].

Clinically, there are indeed many acidosis occurrences. For example, ketoacidosis in diabetics is caused by taking certain drugs or suffering from certain diseases (such as diarrhea, renal failure, dehydration, etc.). In other words, acidosis occurs only when your husband is ill, not [acidic constitution can lead to diseases].

Leaving aside the so-called [authoritative] theories, Anyone who has studied physiology knows: The pH values of human blood and body fluids are controlled by a set of dynamic and balanced metabolic mechanisms. Can keep the pH value in the blood at a constant value (between 7.35 and 7.45). The so-called [body is only healthy if it is alkaline] is completely nonsense. Normal people’s blood has a pH value of about 7.4, which belongs to weak alkalinity, while stomach, skin, female vagina, etc. must be acidic to ensure normal physiological function.

Acidic and alkaline foods

As long as we calm down and think about it carefully, we will find that the most important factors that affect the pH imbalance of the body are diseases and drugs, and even the respiratory process has a greater impact on blood acidity than food.

You know, some of the energy substances we metabolize will be converted into carbon dioxide, which will combine with the water in the body to form carbonic acid, or exhale, which will make a large amount of acid enter and leave the body at any time. This long-term adaptation stability cannot be affected by a bottle of weak alkaline water.

However, it is not to say that acidic food and alkaline food have no meaning at all. In the past, nutrition did divide food into acid and alkali, For example, most vegetables and fruits are alkaline, while most meat and cereals are acidic. For example, now I am in charge of nutrition treatment for a metabolic syndrome patient who has gout. I also recommend him to eat more alkaline food (but the most important thing is to take medicine and baking soda) to alkalize urine so as to increase uric acid excretion.

However, this is only for patients with special circumstances. The acidity and alkalinity of the food we eat at ordinary times are much smaller than that of gastric acid and intestinal tract. Under normal circumstances, no matter how acidity and alkalinity of food are, they are acidic in the stomach and weakly alkaline in the intestine.

Diversity of food is king.

From the perspective of a person’s health management, many people suffer from lifestyle diseases. This is related to improper diet, insufficient exercise and not paying attention to staying away from pollution, which requires people to pay attention to on a daily basis.

Undeniably, the general tendency of health guidance articles is to identify with foods with high nutritional value (such as vegetables and fruits), oppose unhealthy foods (such as fried foods and pickled foods) and advocate a healthy lifestyle. Especially in the dietary structure of modern people in many cities today, it is indeed necessary to properly control acidic foods.

However, we must make it clear that fruit and vegetable foods are recommended not because of their acidity and alkalinity, but because of their own nutritional value. Only by reasonably matching and choosing foods can we reduce nutritional deficiency. Through reasonable diet, we can meet our daily nutritional needs, instead of relying on those health products and nutritional supplements.

Teacher Gu’s Friendly Reminder:

Remember, stop arranging recipes according to the acid and alkali table of food, so the lack of nutrition will do more harm than good.

Responsible Editor: Fu Ting

The article was reprinted by Clove Garden authorized by the author.