Four Countermeasures to Make Dabao Accept Two Treasures Happily

With the relaxation of the two-child policy, More and more parents begin to consider having another baby. For the first child, TA may not be happy to accept his younger brother or sister, and may even have resistance, believing that his younger brother or sister will take away the love of his parents. In the news, there have also been tragedies in which the eldest brother forced himself to commit suicide and the mother finally had no choice but to induce labor.

How to make Dabao better accept his younger brother and sister is something parents must consider before having a second child.

When pregnant, let the child prepare for the new baby with you.

1. Tell your child more interesting things about TA’s infancy and see some photos of TA’s childhood, so that your child can be full of novelty about the birth of a new baby.

2. If allowed, let the child accompany you to the prenatal examination, let TA listen to the heartbeat of the fetus and feel the fetal movement;

3. Buy a doll for the child and let TA practice how to take care of the baby.

4. Prepare the new baby’s cot and baby supplies with the child;

5. Name the new baby with the child, imagine the new baby, and read books on prenatal education and early childhood education together.

6. When labor is about to begin, if TA wishes, he can let the child prepare hospitalization supplies and choose clothes for the baby with you.

7. Let the child prepare a welcome gift for the new baby.

After the baby is born, let TA take care of the new baby together.

1. Help you change diapers, dress, nurse, hiccup and hold the baby under the guidance of adults.

2. When the baby cries, let TA communicate with the baby and tell TA that the baby likes TA;

3. Church eldest brother shares some toys with the baby;

4. Use gentle education methods to teach the eldest brother how to take care of the baby, and try to avoid such stiff words as [no, no].

Allow children to express negative emotions

1. Pay attention to observation and discover negative emotions in time, such as bad mood and physical discomfort.

2. Be sure to let TA communicate with you and comfort and ease this emotion in time.

2. Tell TA that you will have emotional problems when you just finish giving birth. Although you sometimes have a bad attitude towards TA, this does not mean that you do not love TA.

Let the eldest brother feel that the birth of his younger brother and sister has not affected your love for TA.

1. Draw a space completely belonging to the eldest brother at home. Parents, younger brothers and sisters will respect TA’s ownership.

2. When relatives and friends come to visit the baby, tell them not to ignore the eldest brother.

3. Tell the eldest brother that TA should help his mother [lead] his younger brother and sister and make TA proud of this task.

4. Don’t be stingy with your praise for your child’s excellent performance. For example, when TA helps you coax your baby, you can reward a toy TA wants.

5. Set aside [parent-child time] that only belongs to you and the eldest brother.

Compiled by Zhang Jingyuan