From pregnancy preparation to lactation, which vaccines must not be used by pregnant mothers?

Many mothers have such questions as whether rabies vaccine can be vaccinated if they are accidentally scratched or scratched by pets during pregnancy. If it is a nail, can tetanus vaccine be injected?

Or, after being injected with the vaccine, I found out that I was already pregnant with the baby. Will this endanger the safety of the baby?

As an obstetrician and gynecologist, the author is often asked these questions. Therefore, today I would like to talk about this topic.

Some can, some can’t

Vaccines can be roughly divided into [inactivated vaccines] and [non-inactivated vaccines].

For pregnant women, inactivated vaccines can be used, while inactivated or live vaccines cannot be used.

Inactivated vaccine means that the microorganisms in the vaccine have been killed by chemical or physical methods. Only the components of these microorganisms are sufficient to make the human body immune. Vaccines such as tetanus can be used during pregnancy.

Attenuated or live vaccines are made of microorganisms that weaken their pathogenicity. Only by keeping their lives can the human body develop immunity. Measles vaccine, rubella vaccine, etc. belong to this vaccine and are forbidden during pregnancy.

These vaccines are not only unavoidable during pregnancy, but are recommended instead.

During pregnancy, the infection of some viruses or bacteria will affect the development of the fetus and even threaten the life of the baby. For this reason, I generally recommend the following two vaccines.

1. Influenza vaccine

Influenza vaccines mainly prevent infection with certain substrains of the seasonal influenza virus.

If you are pregnant during the season of high incidence of influenza, such as November to March, no matter whether the time of pregnancy belongs to early pregnancy, middle pregnancy or late pregnancy, it is recommended to inject influenza vaccine because it is an inactivated vaccine and is safe and effective.

However, it should be noted that influenza vaccines inhaled through the nose are live vaccines. According to the principles we mentioned just now, injections should be avoided.

If you are preparing for pregnancy during the season of high incidence of influenza and are not pregnant, the above two influenza vaccines can be used during the pregnancy preparation period.

2. DPT vaccine

No matter what has injected the vaccine before pregnancy, it is recommended to vaccinate it again during pregnancy.

This vaccine can prevent diphtheria, tetanus and acellular whooping cough. The best vaccination time is between 27 and 36 weeks of pregnancy, which can protect both the baby and the mother.

What vaccines are taboo during pregnancy?

The following vaccines are attenuated live virus vaccines and are taboo during pregnancy:

    Measles Vaccine Rubella Vaccine Mumps Vaccine Varicella Vaccine BCG Vaccine

In addition, HPV vaccine currently has no obvious evidence to prove that vaccination during pregnancy is harmful to the fetus, but because the research data are not sufficient, it is recommended not to continue vaccination if pregnancy is found.

However, for those who have been vaccinated during the previous pregnancy, there is no need to terminate the pregnancy.

Can these vaccines be vaccinated during pregnancy?

1. These vaccines can be vaccinated prophylactically for pregnant women exposed to high risks.

    Hepatitis B vaccine is a recombinant vaccine, which can be vaccinated if exposed to high risks. Hepatitis a vaccine is an inactivated virus vaccine, which can be vaccinated during pregnancy if exposed to high-risk prevention. Pneumococcal vaccine is an inactivated bacterial vaccine, and the vaccination indications do not change due to pregnancy. Vaccines are only used for high-risk groups.

2. Pregnant women can receive these vaccines, but they are not recommended under normal circumstances.

    Meningococcal vaccine is an inactivated bacterial vaccine. The vaccination evidence does not change with pregnancy. It is recommended to vaccinate during pregnancy in case of unusual outbreaks. Typhoid vaccine is an inactivated bacterial vaccine. Unless it is closely and continuously exposed or goes to the epidemic area, it is not routinely recommended to vaccinate during pregnancy.

3. These vaccines can be vaccinated in case of emergency during pregnancy.

    Rabies vaccine inactivated virus vaccine is used to prevent bites and scratches by dogs or other animals and can be vaccinated during pregnancy. Tetanus toxoid is used to prevent wound contamination and can be vaccinated during pregnancy.

4. In addition, there is a category of biological agents, which, although not called vaccines, are also used for disease prevention.

    Rabies immunoglobulin is a specific immunoglobulin, For post-exposure prevention, It can be vaccinated during pregnancy. It is used in combination with rabies vaccine. Tetanus immunoglobulin is a specific immunoglobulin. It is used for prevention after exposure and can be vaccinated during pregnancy. It is used in combination with tetanus toxoid. Varicella immunoglobulin is a specific immunoglobulin and can be considered for healthy pregnant women exposed to varicella to protect the mother rather than prevent congenital infection of the fetus.

Which vaccines can breast-feeding women receive?

Any vaccine can be vaccinated during lactation. Breastfeeding will not affect vaccines, nor will vaccines affect breast milk.

Need to Pay Attention to what in Vaccination for Pregnant Women?

If the vaccine vaccinated by pregnant women is taboo during pregnancy, it is recommended to get pregnant one month after the vaccine is injected.

Finally, I would like to emphasize that at present there is no evidence that any vaccine during pregnancy will cause damage to fetal health. Even if the taboo live virus vaccine is vaccinated, the impact on the fetus is unknown. It is not recommended to terminate pregnancy easily because of such vaccine.

Of course, if you already know that you are pregnant, then to be on the safe side, don’t take vaccines that are currently taboo during pregnancy.

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