Frostbite, what should I do?

STEP 1 Slight freezing

(1) Please return to the warm room immediately

(2) Take off your wet clothes carefully

Avoid getting wet clothes, socks, etc. absorbing more heat.

(3) Soaking in warm water

Soak the frozen part in warm water at 38 ℃ for 20-30 minutes until the frozen part regains consciousness.

Limb perception may be temporarily lost after frostbite. Never adjust the water temperature by yourself. Please ask your family to help adjust it or estimate it through thermometer to avoid further injury caused by too high water temperature.

(4) Go to the hospital

If any of the following conditions occur after soaking in warm water, it is recommended to go to the hospital:

    Unable to regain consciousness; The frozen parts are purple, swollen, painful, etc.

2. Severe frostbite

(1) Call 120 or take the child to the hospital in time,

(2) Transfer children to a warm environment,

(3) Pre-processing

While waiting for an ambulance, necessary treatment can be carried out:

1) [Thawing]

If conditions permit, you can use warm water at 38 ℃ to soak. If there is no warm water, you can use your body temperature. [Thawing], burning sensation and swelling may occur on frostbitten parts, and skin may blister or change color (red, purple and blue).

2) Avoid skin damage at frostbite site

Use clean clothes and towels to separate toes or fingers to avoid infection caused by rubbing or moving skin.

3) Avoid re-freezing of [thawed] parts

[Thawing] Be sure to keep warm. Clean clothes can be used to wrap frostbitten parts to avoid freezing again and causing further damage.

Common Mistakes

1. Warm the fire or soak in hot water after mild frostbite (above 38 ℃)

Rapid change of heat and cold is one of the causes of chilblain. When the body is in a cold environment for a long time, peripheral blood vessels are contracting. Sudden contact with overheated hot water or warming fire will make capillaries suddenly relax and expand, and local blood circulation will immediately stagnate and chilblain will soon form.

2. Severe frostbite, thawing in cold environment

After severe frostbite, if [thawing] is carried out in a cold environment, the [thawing] limbs may freeze again, causing more serious injuries.

Therefore, severe frostbite is due to [thawing] in warm environments such as indoors.

How to prevent it?

Step 1 Keep warm

Try to keep the room temperature not lower than 10 ℃, when going out, should pay attention to the weak parts to keep warm. For friends with sweaty hands and feet, once they find gloves, shoes and socks have been soaked with sweat, they should be replaced immediately.

2. Pantyhose with appropriate tightness

Tight pants and socks will affect the circulation of lower limbs and are more prone to frostbite. When choosing children’s clothes, avoid too tight pants and socks.