Give masturbation a reason to exist.

Not long ago, Ji Ge received such a message backstage:

Young man, Lu is nothing, but why are you so hard to think of, have to see a certain degree of answer!

Masturbation was originally a normal physiological requirement, but for a long time, no matter in the East or the West, it has borne various notoriety.

The crimes of masturbation

Shakespeare wrote in a poem that masturbation is a waste of semen:

You do not understand frugality, you rely on what

Wasting family heirlooms on yourself-beauty?

In Genesis, Onan discharged semen on the ground while sharing a room, and God executed Onan. Onan’s sin is to enjoy sex but refuse to give birth. God thinks this is [wasting seeds], and [Onanism] has become synonymous with masturbation and excretion of semen outside the body.

Catholicism forbids contraception and masturbation because the church believes that all sex that does not aim at reproduction should be restrained. Compared with sexual intercourse, masturbation is completely divorced from reproduction itself, purely for the sake of self-sexual pleasure, and it is even more [aggravating the crime].

In Chinese traditional culture, masturbation is not a crime, but it is also shameful and shameful.

If a person’s sexual pleasure can occur outside [normal] reproduction, marriage and sexual relations, isn’t it immoral?

In order to prevent people from masturbating, there are naturally various ridiculous statements about the harm of masturbating:

In the 18th century, masturbation was considered to be a serious disease, causing tuberculosis, epilepsy, papules, hysteria, emaciation and even death. At that time, in addition to using various drugs to treat masturbators, severe cases were even given urethral or clitoris burning, clitoris removal and labial suture.

Not only in the west, but also in the east, there are many similar [masturbation harmful theories]. After the 1911 revolution, the sociologist yi jiayue at that time advocated [anti-masturbation movement] and also claimed: [to predict the rise and fall of the nation… to estimate the future of the country, one only needs to check the sheets of our youth.]

In the 20th century, both the East and the West began to recognize that masturbation is harmless, and most people will no longer fear God because of masturbation. However, even today, there are still many people who believe that masturbation will damage the sexual function of men and women and even affect fertility, although these claims are groundless.

Masturbation can cause premature ejaculation?

There is no evidence that masturbation causes premature ejaculation.

Masturbation can increase tolerance to sexual stimulation and prolong ejaculation time.

However, some boys are ashamed of masturbation on the one hand and feel that they cannot help pursuing the pleasure of masturbation on the other, so they easily fall into the vicious circle of “masturbation-regret-masturbation-regret”.

The fundamental solution to such problems is that you have to agree that masturbation is a normal and positive thing.

Masturbation is nothing, but some people feel guilt and fear because of the so-called “harm of masturbation” on the Internet, which may really cause psychological disorders. Well, I’m talking about that [abstain from sex].

Masturbation can lead to gynecological diseases?

Masturbation will not lead to gynecological diseases, only if you do not pay attention to hygiene.

If protective measures are not taken well, [normal] sex life may also lead to various gynecological diseases and sexually transmitted diseases.

Most women masturbate by stimulating the clitoris, while others try to [enter] their own bodies. Before starting, pay attention to the cleaning of hands or toys.

If you plan to use toys, choose a regular brand and don’t hurt yourself with some strange things. Well, doctors have seen many.

Is masturbation excessive?

Many people will ask if there is a [standard] for masturbation frequency.

In fact, whether it is masturbation or sex with a partner, the frequency varies from person to person, and there is no [degree] applicable to everyone.

Some people have stronger desires, others are not so strong, some people masturbate more frequently for a period of time, and they do not masturbate much for a period of time.

Don’t worry about the specific number of times a week or a day, as long as you are physically and mentally happy, there is no problem. The only thing you need to do is to relax and don’t let the statement that masturbation is harmful to your health really affect your mental health.

Why do we masturbate?

Masturbation not only brings pleasure and relieves pressure, but also is a way to explore your body and let you know where your sensitive area is and how it is easier to obtain pleasure and orgasm.

Because of physiological structure, women have much less chance to observe and contact their genitals than men. In addition, without proper sex education, many people actually do not know much about their bodies.

Studies have shown that women who have masturbated are more likely to reach orgasm in their sex life. They know more about their bodies and how to communicate with their partners and let them help stimulate their sensitive areas.

Some girls ask why they have never experienced pleasure or even orgasm. Sexual pleasure does not come, let alone rest on another person. Take the initiative to explore, no one can know their body better than you.