Goiter, do you want to remove it surgically?

Ms. Wang recently looked in the mirror and found that the front of her neck was obviously swollen, just like wearing a [bow]. She felt a little hard and felt pimples on the surface. In addition, she did not have any other special feeling in what.

However, the neck is a part that people pay great attention to. It [wears] a [bow] for no reason, which affects the beauty. The key is to feel like she has a strange disease, especially fear of getting a tumor. This makes Ms. Wang feel panic and panic.

After going to the endocrinology department of the hospital, after the doctor’s physical examination, blood drawing and thyroid B-ultrasound examination, the doctor told her that her thyroid was Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

Ms. Wang was puzzled. Is what Hashimoto’s thyroiditis?

Hashimoto’s disease, there is no need to panic

Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is a thyroid disease. Our thyroid gland is shaped like a bow and grows in front of the neck. It is a part of the human body like eyes and nose.

Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is an inflammation of the thyroid gland, This inflammation is not what we usually call inflammation caused by bacteria or viruses, It is because the body mistakenly regards its thyroid gland as [enemy], Contradictions among the people have arisen, Triggered [the struggle among the people], As a result, thyroid tissue has been hit and damaged to varying degrees, resulting in thyroid inflammation, hardening and swelling, with or without other discomfort symptoms, such as neck pressure, foreign body sensation, irregular menstruation, shaking hands, fear of heat, easy sweating, agitation, palpitations, weight loss or fear of cold, obesity, constipation, listlessness, etc.

If you have Hashimoto’s disease, you don’t have to panic. Hashimoto’s disease is one of the most common thyroid diseases.

Hashimoto’s disease is not a tumor or cancer in what either. Even if there is the possibility of combining tumors, it is extremely rare. In addition, Hashimoto’s disease is relatively mild and easy to deal with. As long as appropriate treatment is given, it can coexist peacefully with it and enjoy a healthy life completely like normal people.

Don’t take this [bow] off easily

There is a lump on the body, people often think of the tumor, first of all, will consider surgery to remove it, so as to avoid future trouble, one hundred.

However, Hashimoto’s [bow] should not be removed easily by surgery, unless specialists think it is necessary to remove it by surgery. In fact, this kind of situation is rarely encountered.

Why not pick it?

    On the one hand, the operation itself will bring great trauma and pain. On the other hand, most Hashimoto will suffer from hypothyroidism in the later period, and the benefits of thyroid removal are not obvious.

Symptomatic treatment of Hashimoto’s disease can control the disease condition, and the later treatment is also very simple, that is, insisting on taking thyroid hormone for a long time, which can be easily done by every patient. Therefore, it is not recommended to give up the easy and seek the difficult, to bear the pain of surgery and to take unnecessary risks.

Two things to remember

1. Adhere to medication

Some people [stopped thyroid hormone because they took cold medicine] and others [did not take thyroid hormone if they did not take it well with hypertension medicine]. In fact, thyroid hormone can coexist peacefully with most drugs, and it is not necessary to stop using thyroid hormone when taking other drugs.

If you are really not sure and not at ease, you’d better consult an experienced doctor. Don’t make your own decisions and stop using thyroid hormone casually.

Not even if you try to stop the drug!

Some patients think it is not necessary to continue taking thyroid drugs because their thyroid gland becomes smaller and their physical condition becomes better after taking thyroid drugs.

After stopping the drug, because there will be no obvious change in the short term, this often makes patients mistakenly believe that the disease has been cured. However, after stopping the drug for a certain period of time, it is possible to return to the bad state before taking the drug, even worse than the state when the drug was first taken.

Therefore, you must not stop taking drugs on your own. You must consult your doctor when stopping taking drugs.

2. Regular inspection

Hashimoto’s disease is an incurable disease. It should be accompanied by patients for a long time or even for life. Therefore, it should be examined regularly every six months or once a year.

Understand its specific situation, adjust the dosage of drugs appropriately, and discover the possibility of tumor or cancer in time. Although this possibility is very small, it cannot be taken lightly and treated as early as possible.