Gynecological lotion, [washing is healthier] or [washing is more and more serious]?

Gynecological outpatient often encounter such patients: originally only vulva slightly discomfort or slight leucorrhea abnormality, saw the advertisement immediately went to buy lotion. At the beginning of a use, the situation immediately improved, the result of a long time, the situation became more and more serious instead.

Some studies have shown that women who use vaginal lotion are 73% more likely to suffer from pelvic infection than women who do not use vaginal lotion. The reason is that frequent vaginal flushing destroys the balance of vaginal flora and cannot resist pathogen invasion.

This article hopes to let you have a correct understanding of gynecological lotion and introduce the correct cleaning method. Considering the future of serious literature, encourage sharing with friends around you. Sorry to share, but also welcome to collect.

Can’t you be healthy without lotion?

Is it true that ancient women did not use lotion and all lived in dire straits? In fact, the human body already has three natural protective barriers.

First way: labia majora and labia minora like [two gates]

Usually in a closed state, protect the vaginal opening and urethral opening, physically avoid the intrusion of external pathogens. Tight clothes and trousers often worn by modern women will make the first natural barrier ineffective.

Second: Vagina [Self-purification Factory] with 30 Kinds of Resident Bacteria

There are more than 30 kinds of resident flora in the vagina, forming a good balance. When [bad guys] come, they will find them in time and drive them out. Lactobacillus can maintain the acidic environment of the vagina and jointly resist foreign invasion with other resident flora.

Third way: Cervix with [self-sealing] function

The cervix is the gate of the uterus. Once pathogens enter the uterine cavity through the cervix, they may develop into the abdominal cavity without intervention. However, the cervix is not so easy to pass through, and the alkaline mucus endocrine in the cervical canal can effectively block external pathogens.

The lotion trademark hides mystery, can you see it?

According to the classification of the market, the lotion has makeup name, elimination name and medicine name according to the approval number.

1. Makeup size, completely useless

These nursing lotions do not have any therapeutic ingredients, which are not much different from ordinary bath lotions. They just flaunt that the ingredients are natural and have no therapeutic effect.

With this kind of lotion, it is not as good as the clean water I often suggest. Washing the vagina with this kind of lotion will not only fail to play a therapeutic role, but will destroy the balance of the formation of permanent flora in the vagina.

2. Eliminate the font size, it is better not to use it.

Disinfection is sanitary products used batch number. This kind of products mainly rely on chemical, physical, biological and other methods to eliminate or inhibit pathogens in the vagina. This kind of lotion also has a certain content of traditional Chinese medicine ingredients, but the therapeutic effect is not good, cannot replace drugs.

Moreover, the bactericidal and bacteriostatic effects of this kind of lotion are aimed at all flora in the vagina, and long-term use will destroy the balance of vaginal flora.

3. The correct name of the medicine should be used only when the doctor says it should be used.

This kind of lotion basically has certain therapeutic effect on vaginitis. For example, metronidazole chlorhexidine is aimed at trichomonas vaginitis, bacterial vaginitis and mycotic vaginitis.

Although this kind of lotion has certain therapeutic effect, it is mainly aimed at women suffering from gynecological diseases, and it should be used with vaginal packing drugs or oral drugs. The most important thing is to have a doctor’s guidance, not to buy it by oneself, and not to use it every day, otherwise it will remove the vaginal flora together. Without natural barriers, it will increase the probability of infection.

Lotion composition, destroying the original balance

From the composition point of view, lotion is basically divided into two types, one is nursing liquid mainly composed of plant extract, which has no therapeutic effect, and the other is mainly composed of Chinese herbal medicine or disinfectant, which has certain therapeutic effect.

Many lotions will also contain some additive ingredients such as fragrance, which will stimulate skin and mucous membrane. Long-term use will make them fragile and sensitive and increase the probability of inflammation.

Some advertisements like to promote the concept of “weak acidity”. Admittedly, weak acidity provides conditions for the growth of lactobacillus, but everyone’s pH value is different, too high or too low a pH value may lead to pudendum dryness, pruritus, etc.

For different vaginitis, the choice of lotion should also be cautious. For example, Candida albicans, which causes mycotic vaginitis, is not easy to grow in alkaline environment. For example, Trichomonas vaginalis, which causes trichomonas vaginitis, is sensitive to acidic environment. If you don’t understand these blind use, not only can’t solve the problem, but will aggravate the disease.

It should be added that patients should not use lotion without authorization before going to the hospital for examination, which will affect the examination results. In the end, it is the patients who suffer.

Master the correct cleaning method

According to my personal clinical experience, I give the following suggestions:

  1. Clean 1-2 times a day, usually once every night, and again the next morning if necessary.

  2. It is better to use clear water at a suitable temperature after boiling or take a direct shower, washing or scrubbing as much as possible. If conditions do not permit, bath bath will be considered again.

  3. The cleaning process is to clean both hands first, then the vulva, labia majora and labia minora, etc. from front to back, and finally the perianal period.

  4. After cleaning, it is not recommended to put on underwear or use pads immediately, and try to wear them after drying.

  5. Pots, towels, etc. used during cleaning should be dried in time and put away.

Be careful not to flush the vagina.

Although there are so many advertisements everywhere, the fact is that lotion sometimes not only cannot solve the problem, but also adds to the troubles. I hope you can correctly understand this kind of lotion and learn the correct cleaning method.

Take good care of yourself, but take good care of yourself.

Responsible Editor: Yidan