Have you been caught in the five propaganda traps of the circle of friends [healthy food]?

Everyone hopes to eat high-quality food that is good for health, and many businesses take this opportunity to provide all kinds of [healthy food] as they wish and make a lot of money.

A round of fantastic introduction, a round of crazy bombing of professional terms, coupled with a round of [expert research] [experiencer’s appearance], consumers usually pay in a daze.

However, when we calm down and look at those [seemingly reasonable] introductions from a scientific perspective, we find that most of them are bluffing-or just correct nonsense.

When I saw many micro-business advertisement posts forwarded in my circle of friends, I silently worried about your wallets-[fool, you then fool].

Rich in essential substances for human body

Many substances are needed to maintain the normal operation of the human body, but [the human body needs] and [the need to supplement] are two different things.

Some substances must be produced by the human body itself to be useful, but those eaten are not useful, such as collagen and various enzymes (i.e. [enzymes]).

Some substances, such as fat, carbohydrate, phosphorus, chlorine, sodium, etc., will not be lacking as long as they can be eaten and drunk normally.

To show how healthy a food is by how much it contains is a complete change of concept.

Contains XX nutrients

[How many nutrients are contained] is a worthless indicator, because any kind of food will contain many nutrients.

The human body needs to absorb a variety of nutrients from food, and each nutrient component has its own appropriate demand. For healthy people, a balanced diet can basically ensure all kinds of nutrients needed by the human body.

The so-called high-quality food refers to that it can efficiently provide certain nutrients (such as protein, crude fiber, vitamins, etc.) that the body needs or is easily deficient, while the accompanying nutrients (such as fat and sugar) that need to be restricted are relatively few.

Apart from the above, simply saying [contains XX vitamins, XX minerals and other nutrients needed by the human body] is just a correct nonsense.

A piece of pork, a glass of fruit juice and even a handful of weeds can also be openly recommended to you: I also contain many nutrients.

The XX component content is XX time high than that others

Typical examples, such as [rose salt contains dozens of times more iron than ordinary salt] [spirulina contains more than 20 times more protein than milk]. The truth is-