Home Taste, Distiller’s Grains: A Sweet Bite of Tongue

Rice wine seems to be more popular in the south. In the south, it used to be the habit of drinking rice wine and egg flower soup in the morning, but now I still miss that taste. Spring is a good season to make distiller’s grains.

Distiller’s grains, fermented

Distiller’s grains, also known as rice wine, fermented glutinous rice, sweet wine and wine. It is a traditional folk food in our country.

The production of distiller’s grains is actually very simple, that is, glutinous rice or rice is fermented by yeast. During the fermentation process, glutinous rice (rice) will undergo magical transformation under the action of microorganisms.

The first step is to hydrolyze the starch in glutinous rice into the sweetness of glucose and distiller’s grains, thus obtaining it.

The second step is to grow a layer of mycelium of Rhizopus, a white mycelium, on the surface of distiller’s grains.

In the third step, yeast decomposes glucose into alcohol and carbon dioxide, which gives it the aroma of wine and forms delicious rice wine.

It is easy to digest and absorb, nutritious and healthy.

As a pure natural fermented drink, distiller’s grains contain a complete range of essential amino acids and are rich in vitamins, minerals, organic acids and minerals.

Distiller’s grains are easy to digest and absorb by human body. Drinking in an appropriate amount is helpful to promote gastric juice secretion, increase appetite and help digestion.

Distiller’s grains also have certain effects of accelerating blood circulation and relieving vascular tension.

Children and pregnant women should be moderated.

The taste of fermented glutinous rice is very sweet and delicious, but it actually contains a certain amount of alcohol. Although it is not like ordinary wine, don’t treat it as wine. It tastes free from scruples and should be enough.

The latest dietary guidelines in the United States point out that women drink no more than one alcohol unit per day on average, men no more than two alcohol units, and in a day, women no more than three alcohol units and men no more than four alcohol units. The so-called “one alcohol unit” refers to alcohol containing 0.6 ounces (about 18 milliliters) of alcohol.

The alcohol content of common rice wine is usually 1% ~ 4%. Therefore, children and pregnant women should try not to eat it.

Delicious and varied

Distiller’s grains are rich in aroma, sweet and delicious, and low in alcohol content. They can be eaten directly or together with eggs, glutinous rice balls, dishes, etc. They are very popular with people.

Common wines are usually white, but there is also a kind of red distiller’s grains. The main difference is that red rice is used as the raw material for brewing. The typical red distiller’s grains in Fujian cuisine can be used to make various distillers’ grains.

Taste Recipe: Distiller’s Grains and Egg Soup

This egg soup is very simple and easy to make. After drinking it in the morning, it can make people feel refreshed.

Raw materials: one egg and less than half a bowl of distiller’s grains.


1. Put distiller’s grains into a pan, inject a proper amount of clear water, mix well, and heat;

2. Beat the eggs well in advance. After the water in the pan boils, pour in the egg liquid, stir with a large spoon to form egg flowers, and turn to medium heat after 20 seconds. Stir gently, spread and cook for half a minute. According to personal preferences, master the cooking of egg flowers, add white sugar (or brown sugar, honey) for seasoning, red dates (or medlar) to adjust the color, and put it into a bowl.


Attention should be paid to the addition of brown sugar, white sugar is also added sugar, to limit, it is better to add less.

Eggs don’t need to be beaten with egg flowers, and a whole egg is delicious.