Honey can’t be put in the refrigerator? 30 Health Common Sense Everyone Should Know

Some words, Dr. Clove suppressed for a long time.

Unfortunately, when we talked before, we could only say a little at a time. Today we will simply and roughly come up with 30 common health knowledge that everyone should know. Remember to tell Dr. Clove how many you know.

1. Don’t put honey in the refrigerator

Honey entering the refrigerator will crystallize and precipitate glucose. This will not only affect the taste, but also make people think it is broken and throw it away directly.

2. Type O blood is not universal blood

When transfusing type O blood to people of other blood types, there is also a risk of blood transfusion. Only in very urgent cases can a small amount of type O blood be transfused to people of other blood types.

3. Brushing method is more important than toothbrush, and toothbrush is more important than toothpaste.

Babbitt brushing method is recognized as a good brushing method. Brushing teeth mainly depends on friction. Buy a toothbrush with suitable bristles, and ensure that the brushing lasts for at least 2 minutes. The toothpaste contains fluorine.

4. There are not many real diet taboos during pregnancy.

Pregnant can drink coffee, eat hawthorn, eat litchi, eat crabs, etc., let the pregnant mother eat what she likes to eat; Try to avoid half-baked beef, eggs and sashimi, and do not drink alcohol.

5. Drink water, drink yogurt, eat fruits and so on basically don’t have much time to pay attention to

Drink if you want, eat if you want.

6. [Cervical erosion] is not a disease

Meet a doctor who lets you cure [cervical erosion], turn around and leave.

7. It is normal for drugs to have side effects.

The side effects of drugs must occur at normal doses, which are expected at the initial stage of drug research. Don’t refuse to take drugs because of this.

8. Drinking fruit juice is better than eating fruit directly.

Compared with fresh fruits, fruit juice has large nutritional loss, high sugar content, fast blood sugar rise, and it is easy to drink too much accidentally.

9. Cactus does not protect against radiation

First, there is not so much radiation to be prevented in life. Secondly, cactus has no other effect except to prick people.

10. Cancer cannot be found in ordinary physical examination, but there are recognized and effective screening methods for some cancers.

Globally recognized effective cancer screening programs: cervical cancer screening, breast cancer screening and colorectal cancer screening. As long as it is a healthy population that meets the screening criteria, participating in these cancer screening can prevent accidents before they occur.

Some high-risk groups such as lung cancer and gastric cancer can also be screened accordingly.

11. Stop exercising and your brain, body and body will change.

Of course, it has become bad… it is OK not to exercise for the time being, but don’t not exercise all the time.

Life goes on and exercise goes on.

12. It is normal to defecate 3 ~ 21 times a week.

The frequency of poop is not a problem to be tangled up with. The key to the problem is whether you can accept the frequency of poop.

13. Sunscreen is not only used to prevent sunburn, but also helps slow down the aging of skin.

Ultraviolet rays in sunlight can cause skin aging and even skin cancer.

14. Truly effective [anti-alcohol drugs] do not exist

All kinds of anti-alcoholism drugs, strong tea and coffee cannot promote alcohol metabolism. The only thing that has some effect is water.

15. Snoring may be an illness

Not everyone who snores has sleep breathing disorders. Generally, there is no need to worry too much about slight snoring, but strong and irregular snoring may be a physical problem.

16. Massage cannot enlarge breasts.

Touch the chest, the chest becomes bigger; Rubbing your legs and thinning your legs? How can there be such a good thing in the world…

17. Mouldy apples are not recommended for non-mouldy parts.

The non-moldy part may also be contaminated by mold, affecting health.

18. It is everyone’s responsibility to pay attention to menstruation.

Pay attention to your menstruation, including cycle, color, flow rate, body reaction before and after coming, etc. Menstruation can reflect your physical condition to a certain extent.

19. Vinegar soaked peanuts cannot soften blood vessels.

Vinegar and peanuts are good things, but they have no therapeutic effect.

20. Don’t stop taking drugs when your blood pressure drops.

The treatment of hypertension patients is lifelong, and any self-withdrawal or adjustment of drug dosage is very dangerous.

21. It is really not good for your health to eat soup and rice often.

Uh-huh, the unchewed rice goes directly into the stomach, which is a burden to the stomach.

22. The behavior of holding urine, fart and poop should be criticized!

If it wants to come out, don’t keep it. It’s not yours, it can’t be kept after all, let it go…

Otherwise, it will really suffocate [internal injuries].

23. Moisturizing is more important than [taking water] if you want your skin to be moist.

Constantly patting your face with water or spraying spray on your face will only make your skin drier and drier. If you want your skin to be good, moisturizing is more important.

24. Black sesame does not make hair black.

The color of hair is related to melanin in hair follicles. Black sesame does not play a magical role.

25. It is dangerous to pick your throat and induce vomiting after drinking.

The action of picking the throat may break the throat, cause asphyxia and even pancreatitis, and endanger life.

26. It’s never too late in what to quit smoking.

Ninety percent of lung cancer is related to smoking. In addition, people who smoke frequently have an increased risk of stroke, cardiomyopathy, aortic aneurysm and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

27. Drinking more water can prevent kidney stones and is good for your health.

If you drink too little water, your urine will be supersaturated, leading to stone formation.

Generally, it is recommended that normal people drink about 2.5 ~ 3L of water every day with a urine volume of 2 ~ 2.5 L to keep the urine color clear and yellowish.

28. Diabetics can eat fruit

There are still many fruits to eat!

What are the specific fruits? Point to the right: You can eat fruit if you have diabetes.

29. Masturbation is a normal physiological behavior, which has a positive impact on sexual life.

Don’t be ashamed.

30. Remember to go to a professional hospital instead of looking for folk remedies when you are ill.

To cure diseases, one must listen to the doctor. The treatment of diseases is a complicated process. Doctors will give the most suitable treatment plan for you according to the actual situation of each person, which is also the only reliable shortcut to treat diseases.

So, how many do you know?