How do I dial 120?

Do you need to call 120 when you are in what?

For trauma, coma, epilepsy, food poisoning, foreign body sticking to throat, convulsion lasting for a long time, parents should call 120 as soon as possible, and the earlier the rescue is, the better.

If the illness is not very urgent, you can choose to take your child and go to the hospital on your own.

How do I speak to 120 operator?

Calm down and explain the content clearly to the operator:

1. Detailed illness

The baby’s age, sex, current situation-for example, what in what caused what, how long it lasted, and the rescue measures taken.

2. Location

Give the addresses of several buildings and units in a certain residential area in detail, and you can also inform the nearby significant landmarks, such as XXX Square, XXX Hotel, XXX Commercial Building, etc., to reduce the difficulty of positioning.

Remember to ask the operator to record the name of the contact person and the phone number of the person receiving the car.

Step 3 Prepare for

Keep the telephone unobstructed, keep people to guide the ambulance, dredge the passage for carrying patients, and inquire about the location of the ambulance in due course.

After confirming that the operator has fully accepted the above information, hang up the phone.

Can you be what while waiting?

1. Adopt necessary first aid measures

When children suffer from cardiac arrest or foreign body sticking to their throat, they must be rescued before the ambulance arrives. For specific methods, please refer to CPR and Heimlick’s method for children.

2. Calm Children’s Emotions

Step 3 Prepare for medical treatment

The child’s past medical records, examination reports, etc. can be prepared to provide the basis for the doctor’s diagnosis.

In case of febrile convulsion, the mobile phone can be used to record the child’s performance during the attack to appease the child.