The child was stung by bees, what should I do?

What should I do?

Step 1: Cleaning

Wash the stung parts of the child with soapy water.

Step 2 Take out the poison needle

If the bee’s poison sticks into the child’s skin, you can try to remove the poison needle.

Step 3: Ice

Apply ice cubes to the stung bite to relieve pain and swelling.

Step 4: Medication

If the child’s pain is unbearable, he can also take painkillers. If your child is itchy, you can take antiallergic drugs. But please pay attention to see if the medicine can be used for young children.

5. Watch closely

Generally speaking, the bite of bees will only cause local skin discomfort, but it may also lead to serious allergic reactions in rare cases. If the rescue is not timely, it may even endanger life. Therefore, the child must be closely observed after being stung.

6. Medical treatment

If the child has severe redness, rash, fever and even dyspnea, he must seek medical treatment in time.

Common Mistakes

Step 1 Squeeze the stings

This may release more venom into the blood circulation.

2. Grasp the stinging part with your hand.

This may lead to more severe swelling and itching, and even local infection.

How to prevent it?

1. If you take your children to the wild, the whole family recommends to wear light-colored and smooth clothes, and the tighter the clothes, the better.

2. Maintain personal hygiene and try not to apply perfume or scented bath products to children.

3. Don’t let children contact flowering plants.

4. Remind children to pay attention to safety, tell them the appearance of the honeycomb, pay attention to it in the wild at all times, and warn children not to poke a hornet’s nest.

5. If you find a bee nearby, tell the child to stay calm, make a detour or wait for it to fly away. Never drive it away. Too much movement and sound may irritate the bee.