How many of the Top 20 rumors are you wrong about in 2019?

Since the daily rumor was launched in May 2019, the number of participants has exceeded 2.6 million and the number of rumor topics has reached 400 +. We have selected the 20 rumors with the highest error rate and given a correct interpretation to help everyone deepen their impression. Click on the blue font to view the detailed interpretation. I wish everyone a bright eye in the new year and break the rumors.

1. Thousands of boiling water can be drunk at ease. Laboratory data: After tap water is boiled for 20 times, nitrite content (0.038 mg/L) is still lower than the national standard for drinking water (≤ 1 mg/L), so you can drink at ease. Key points: talking about toxicity without dose is hooliganism!

2. Eating sugar can relieve spicy food. It can be seen that eating Sichuan hot pot with soy milk is still very scientific. Of course, it is clear that [spicy] is a kind of pain, so it is easy to understand that drinking water does not understand spicy food. The most effective way to relieve spicy food is probably: whole milk with sugar and ice.

3. Drinking milk before going to bed cannot solve insomnia. Milk helps sleep mainly because tryptophan can be converted into serotonin and melatonin in human body, both of which are meaningful to regulate sleep. However, if you only drink milk, which is tryptophan, it will take several stomachs ~

4. The water temperature of brewing honey actually has no effect on the [nutrition] of honey. The real characteristics of honey are [single nutrition and high calorie]. Don’t covet its nutrition. It basically has no effect.

5. The nutrition of fruit juicing will be destroyed. No matter how advanced the juicer is, it cannot fundamentally solve the problem of oxygen loss when nutrients encounter.

6. Grass carp gall is poisonous, especially careful [green, grass, silver carp and bighead carp], as well as crucian carp, blunt head bream (Wuchang fish), ilishaeformis ilishaeformis, etc. These gall are poisonous.

7. [Acne] what has nothing to do with different organs.

8. Exercise after meals has little to do with gastroptosis, which is mostly related to slender body shape. In addition, swimming after meals and the increased risk of drowning also have nothing to do.

9. The stomach will not get bigger and bigger, nor will it get smaller and smaller. This kind of feeling is basically caused by many psychological and physiological factors.

10, sweat really can’t detoxify, sweat can and [poison] stick edge is probably only urea nitrogen, and urea nitrogen is mainly discharged from the human body through urine, the amount of sweat is really negligible. Besides, the human body does not have so much poison to discharge, excessive human interference sweating, may cause dehydration, infection, dermatitis and other problems ~

11. Arthritis is not frozen out, and climate itself is neither the cause nor the treatment. Arthritis is the most common chronic disease. According to the pathogenesis, the most common are degenerative osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is an immune system disease, and weather is neither the cause nor the treatment.

12. Don’t feel that sleeping to the left will compress the heart just because the heart grows on the left. However, for the sake of safety, patients with [heart failure] are advised to avoid lying to the left.

13. Oral ulcer is not vitamin deficiency, so supplementing more vitamin C or B12 has very limited effect, and there is no evidence that vitamin C can prevent colds.

14. Finger barbs are neither vitamin B6 nor vitamin C deficiency, but caused by physical friction or excessive hand washing.

15. Hot dishes can be put directly in the refrigerator, that is, it costs a little electricity. Of course, don’t forget to seal them with plastic wrap.

16. Eating apple peel, drinking corn stigma water, balsam pear and other foods have no antihypertensive effect. Patients with hypertension can pay attention to low salt in diet, and healthy eating habits can help control blood pressure.

17. Pumpkin, balsam pear and okra have no hypoglycemic effect. The diet of diabetics still needs to balance nutrition on the basis of controlling total energy.

18. Stir-fried day lily will be poisoned when eaten. Eating 100g fresh day lily is equivalent to eating 0.1-0.2 mg colchicine. Two points should be paid attention to when eating fresh day lily: no more than 100g should be eaten each time; Remove the stamens with the highest colchicine content.

19. Peach kernel is poisonous and is not recommended to eat. Mainly, peach kernel contains a highly toxic substance: amygdalin. Usually, amygdalin content in peach kernel is about 1% ~ 3%, but some varieties with high content, almost amygdalin reaching 100 ~ 200g, can reach lethal dose.

20. Potatoes germinate to produce toxic substances, typically gongcholine; Sweet potatoes are moldy and poisonous, producing sweet potato ketone. Peanuts are moldy and poisonous and contain aflatoxin. Vegetables are better to eat fresh. Germination itself means they are not fresh. Instead of answering [eat or not eat] when germinating, you can directly purchase less.