How small is Penis? Is it really small?

When you open this article, Dr. Clove will know that the ruler, which has been lying in the pencil case for many years since high school, needs, comes out, horses and comes out.

Clinically, there are very few penises that are really small enough to be treated.

Reference Range for Penis Length

Just as the height of most men is in the range of 165 ~ 185 cm, Penis’s length is only a reference range. Even if it is not in this range, it does not mean that you have a problem.

Here, I have chosen several representative research results to satisfy all your fantasies about male Penis in various countries.


Ninety-five percent of male Penis, in the soft state of the length range is 4 ~ 12.5 cm, the span is quite large, while close to the erectile state of stretched Penis, the length range is 7 ~ 17 cm.

Some studies believe that the taller the person, the longer Penis may be. However, there is still controversy in academia.

However, the generally accepted view is that under the condition of the same height, if you are fat, Penis will be small. Knock on the blackboard and draw the key points:

Losing weight is the simplest and most effective way to make Penis grow longer.


The results showed that the length of Penis after erection ranged from 9 cm to 19 cm.

Among them, as is widely circulated, Penis’s erection length of black brothers is indeed 0.5 cm longer than that of other races on average. However, Asians do not suffer, and the data are basically the same as those of whites.


Penis in the vast majority of people has a length range of 5 ~ 10 cm in a soft state and 9 ~ 16 cm after erection.

Did you watch crying? The ruler secretly felt out was put down again? After so many years of inferiority complex, I found myself quite normal.

But no, doctor, little Penis can’t satisfy the female basin friend?

You think too much, your little hands don’t mind your little Penis at all.

Assuming you have a real girlfriend, Penis’s size has never been the most important factor causing women’s pleasure. At the top of the list are the closeness, sexual skills, hardness, roughness, duration, etc.

Some studies have clearly pointed out that there is no correlation between Penis’s length and the normal degree of sexual life and fertility.

Too much care about Penis’s size? It’s a disease

Women also don’t care about Penis’s size as much as men themselves.

When I received the question about Penis, I devoted a lot of energy to explaining that it was unnecessary to pay too much attention to the size of Penis.

Men all over the world (including China) are generally too concerned about Penis’s size.

You can’t imagine that in order to make their Penis bigger, or just look big, ancient nations all over the world have done what to their Penis (it hurts me)!

Indian ascetic monks abruptly stretched Penis by hanging heavy objects.

Kalimantan people made holes in the glans penis and inserted metal to add external stores to Penis.

The Topinama people in Brazil are so abnormal that they let poisonous snakes bite their Penis and make it swollen.

These people all have a disease called “mini-penis syndrome”: unnecessary excessive anxiety about their normal-sized penis.

This is an unhealthy psychological state, often related to unreasonable cognition.

If you are not sure whether your Penis size is within the normal range and how to treat it, you can consult a doctor instead of searching a post casually or comparing it with the male pig’s feet in a small movie. That will only increase your psychological burden in vain and give you the opportunity to make false medical propaganda.

To some extent, the size of male Penis is similar to that of female breasts, taking on too many roles that should not belong to it.

May I ask, if so much burden is placed on your only Penis, how do you expect it to be hard?