If you eat breakfast and dinner backwards, you can lose weight! There are three key points

Three Difficulties in Philosophy: Who Am I? Where am I from? What for breakfast?

Hey, didn’t you still have what for lunch last time? No matter, this big night, we have to talk about what for breakfast tomorrow.

Dr. Clove asked everyone: Do you know that a very popular [dietary revolution] abroad is called Dinner for Breakfast, Breakfast for Dinner, which means:

Dinner is served as breakfast, and breakfast is served as dinner.

Why is this?

Three meals a day, the happiest things every day, many people really did wrong.

Breakfast? The bed can’t get up, get up too late to eat, just fool a few mouthfuls.

Lunch? Either it is the canteen, or it is takeout, or… it is takeout.

Dinner? Brunch and lunch are so wronged that they point to dinner all day to make an appointment, eat a big meal or prepare a sumptuous and good table.

As a result, the morning is groggy, the afternoon is drifted off, and the evening… supports.

A full breakfast like a [king] can store good nutrition and energy for a day. More experimental studies have shown that:

If breakfast protein is insufficient and dinner protein is excessive, then the utilization efficiency of protein will decline and the muscles of the body will be easy to lose. Then when people eat the same amount of things, they will be more likely to be obese.

People who are accustomed to eating a [big] breakfast are even less likely to gain fat. Even if you just switch the usual big dinner with the simple breakfast, you can keep the total calories inconvenient and do not need to fight for exercise, which can have a good fat reduction effect.

Does it sound very attractive?

All right, let’s draw the key points: how to eat breakfast and dinner in reverse, the key is three points.

Eat more [meat] for breakfast

In fact, the meat mentioned here is not only pure meat, including all kinds of meat stuffing, meat saozi, spiced beef slices, but also animal foods such as fish slices, canned fish, shrimps, eggs, milk, yogurt, cheese, etc. It can also be all kinds of [plant meat] such as tofu, dried bean curd, bean flower, soybean milk, etc.

They are all the food sources we often call [high-quality protein], and you can choose several kinds of food with each other in a breakfast.

A standard [king’s breakfast] must have enough high-quality protein, a large amount of vegetables, a suitable staple food, and a small amount of nuts.

Wait, eat plenty of vegetables for breakfast?

Yes, this may be quite incredible to many people.

Generally speaking, the breakfast that everyone is used to is at most a little vegetable foam in plain stuffed steamed buns, or a slice of lettuce in pancake fruit, or a little chopped green onion and coriander in soup noodles.

However, if you want to ensure that you can eat one kilo of vegetables for three meals a day, dark vegetables will account for half of them. If you deal with them as usual, it is really difficult to reach the standard.

It is ideal to eat about 100g of vegetables for breakfast and 200g of vegetables at noon and 200g of vegetables at night.

Dr. Clove has a simple little trick here:

Wash the vegetables one night in advance, get up early and throw them directly into the pan for scalding, pour some raw smoke or mix a little sesame paste. The taste is enough. If it is really too troublesome, it is also good to get (buy) a vegetable salad for breakfast.

As for staple food, bread, steamed buns, pasta, coarse cereal porridge, steamed sweet potatoes… are all good, even if it is solid to eat rice coarse cereal rice. If conditions permit, it is best to eat more than 2 of them, or often change to eat.

Add a handful of nuts, such as almond, pine nuts and walnuts, and the breakfast will be perfect.

Eat less meat for dinner

If dinner is delicacies, big fish and big meat, the digestive burden of the whole day will be concentrated in a few hours before going to bed, not only will the stomach not be too comfortable, I’m afraid… the heart will also hurt.

In particular, friends who don’t like activities very much always [Ge You lies down] after dinner, and it is quite difficult not to gain weight.

Therefore, the ingredients for dinner should not be greasy, the cooking should be as light as possible, and it is good to eat seven full points.

1. The total amount of fish, meat and seafood should not exceed 12 taels. It is a what problem not to eat at all. It is better to replace meat with bean products.

2. All kinds of clear porridge dishes, coarse cereals, potatoes and vegetables can be eaten freely and boldly.

Adjust flexibly according to work and rest

You may ask, what should I do if I am hungry before I sleep after eating so little? Of course it is…

Morning! Point! Sleep! Ah!

If you don’t go to bed early and get up early, how can you have time for king’s breakfast?

If you have to go to bed late, it is inevitable to eat food taken late at night, drink a cup of milk and sugar-free soya-bean milk, which are all good choices.

By the same token, it is not absolute to eat what, how much to eat and how full to eat for three meals a day.

The wisest thing is to be flexible according to your daily work and rest time and physical activity.

    If breakfast is full and satisfying, Then don’t eat extra food before noon. If breakfast is rushed, Then add a small cup of yogurt or a handful of nuts in the morning and eat an apple for the meal. If there are important jobs and meetings in the morning and you have to eat lunch very late, then cushion it in advance and don’t starve. If you have an appointment to socialize outside for dinner, try to supplement vegetables and coarse cereals in breakfast and lunch to ensure the nutritional balance throughout the day.

Well, here comes the world’s third biggest problem: How about what for breakfast tomorrow?