How to choose a suitable children’s dining chair?

The use of children’s dining chairs can not only make the baby not move when eating, relieve the troubles of parents, but also exercise the baby’s grasping ability, cultivate the baby’s interest in self-care, and lay a foundation for the formation of good dining habits in the future.

Generally speaking, children’s dining chairs can be used when babies are 6 ~ 7 months old (they can sit on their own).

Instructions for Choosing Children’s Dining Chair

1. Basic characteristics of children’s dining chairs

There are many kinds of children’s dining chairs on the market, but no matter what the material, structure and style are, they generally have three common characteristics:

    Removable easy-to-clean dinner plate; Backrest with adjustable pitch angle; Seat with adjustable height.

2. Basic safety of children’s dining chairs

In addition to various functions, the safety of children’s dining chairs is also very important.

A high-quality children’s dining chair usually has the following characteristics:

    Safety buckles (belts) conforming to international standards; Wheels that can be locked (or have no wheels); There are no parts that will accidentally clamp the baby.

3. Other features of children’s dining chairs

Although the children’s dining chair is aimed at infants under 3 years old (weighing less than 45kg), the babies are naturally active, and many babies do not want to sit in the chair to eat obediently around 2 years old. Therefore, the children’s dining chair should be stable, strong and not easy to overturn.

Choose products with high safety factor

The safety of children’s dining chairs is very important, so parents should try their best to choose seats that meet international safety standards.

Seats with high safety factors usually have the following seven characteristics:

  1. Can fix the baby’s seat;

  2. Anti-skid column;

  3. At least three points of safety buckle (belt);

  4. Wheel locking device;

  5. A sturdy dinner plate;

  6. A base that is not easy to overturn;

  7. Parts that are not easy to fall off.

Pay attention to security and functionality

Next, let’s learn about the main components of the children’s dining chair.

1. Anti-skid column

Children’s dining chairs with high safety factors will have an anti-skid column between the seat and the dinner plate, which may be directly connected to the seat or the dinner plate to prevent the baby from slipping out of the gap between the dinner plate and the seat.

Parents should pay attention to the fact that even if there is an anti-skid column, the safety buckle should be fastened. Only when these two safety measures are done at the same time can the safety of the baby be guaranteed to the greatest extent.

2. Safety buckle (belt)

The safety buckle (belt) can fix the baby on the seat to prevent him from twisting his body or suddenly standing up and falling out of the seat. It is best to buckle the safety buckle as long as the baby is sitting on the dining chair.

General dining chairs will use at least three-point safety buckles (belts). At present, the safest one is considered [five-point safety buckles].

The high-quality safety buckle (belt) can adapt to the growth of the baby by adjusting the tightness. The design of the buckle should not only be convenient for adults to use, but also avoid accidental opening caused by the baby’s touch.

Step 3: Dinner Plate

A good dinner plate needs to be easy to clean, easy to store, adjustable and other characteristics. Such a dinner plate can reduce a lot of troubles and is easy to take care of.

However, parents must be careful that many detachable dinner plates will be knocked over by active babies, and falling dinner plates may hurt babies, so test whether the lower dinner plates are reliable before purchasing.

4. Seats and backrest

The seat that can adjust the height is very convenient. It can adapt to the growth of the baby’s height and the height of different dining tables. When the baby grows up to a certain extent, he can even remove the dinner plate and raise the seat so that he can sit on it and eat with everyone.

5. Wheels

Although the children’s dining chair with wheels is more convenient to move, it will add some potential safety hazards, so in order to use safely, the dining chair with locking function should be selected. In this way, once the wheels are locked, the dining chair will not slide easily.


After learning so much about children’s dining chairs, everyone should be able to choose a safe and suitable dining chair. The following details should be reminded again:

  1. The design of safety buckle (belt) must be safe and convenient.

  2. The dinner plate should be easy to disassemble and firm.

  3. There must be anti-skid columns;

  4. Adjust the height of the seat to see if it is stable and whether the adjustment process is smooth.

  5. Cushion should be comfortable, solid and easy to clean.

  6. When selecting a dining chair with wheels, it is necessary to determine whether it has a locking function.

  7. Check the stability of the dining chair. You can shake the seat to see if the base is firm enough.

  8. Check whether there are some sharp corners, small holes or gaps and other potential safety hazards;

  9. Check whether the parts are easy to fall off to prevent the baby from inhaling or eating by mistake.