Is it a what experience to have a father who plays games with him?

My father has been playing some online games for 13 years. Yes, it is an antique online game more than ten years ago. My father is a stubborn and long-term person. This article is to commemorate the eleven years of father and son. It is about the fourth grade of primary school for my father and I to join the Beggars’ Sect. My friends and I fell in love with the stand-alone version of the game. We walked through the vast desert, vast green mountains and the heroine in the game. Cheered for defeating the BOSS of a checkpoint, He racked his brains for the complicated plot progress. Shortly after the first day of the junior high school, The game finally came out of the online version. My friend chose Tianren to teach, The sect I chose in the sword net was the Beggars’ Sect, which was dressed in rags, but I turned a blind eye to it, because in my heart, the Beggars’ Sect was a great warrior who rushed into the sky with heroic spirit. After playing for about a month, I rose to more than ten levels and felt very fulfilled. The strange moves also became more advanced moves such as the dog beating stick method. [What about playing what? So much fun? Don’t you read books and study hard? My father’s deep voice sounded behind me. I suddenly broke out in a cold sweat, and my mouth was haha: “Oh, I only come back once a week, and I won’t play too long.” [Well, just take care of your time and don’t play too much. By the way, did you just hit what? Wild boar? [Well, it is a wild boar, but it is the king of wild boar and belongs to the elite monster…] [Elite monster means what? [Just…] That’s it, My father and I discussed the introduction for half an hour. At that time, In my heart, I didn’t think much of it except that my normally dull and taciturn father was so interested today. The next day, I went back to school again. After a week, I rushed home excitedly. Suddenly I found that there was something wrong with the atmosphere. My father was playing swordsman love with a serious face in front of the computer. [Dad? Are you also playing swordsman? ! [Ha ha, this is not to have nothing to do after work, just try to play games, it feels good.] [Well, then you have fun.] Father [uh] turned his head with a sound and began to [ha] [ha] smash strange, as if-somewhat familiar. [Dad, you also chose the Beggars’ Sect? [Yes, I see the Beggars’ Sect you chose, I will also choose the Beggars’ Sect.] [All right, Then you can play well… in fact, you should play like this…] I think my father played very hard, I can’t help but speak out and guide my father, and he will soon be able to adapt to the new style of play. I watched my father manipulate the 10-level trumpet to smash the wild boar bravely, and then looked at my 20-level [tuba]. I couldn’t help feeling in my heart: Dad, although you are very good at scientific research, you are still a little young in playing online games! However, only a week later, I knew that I was wrong and wrong. A week later, when I returned home, I found that my father’s role had taken on a new look. A majestic armor, holding a long jasper stick in his hand and a white horse riding a divine horse, was galloping along the avenue of Fengxiang Mansion. The grade impressively showed: 35! Looking back at my role, I have almost broken through level 21 and will soon leave Zhuxian Town. At that time, I can’t accept it. [Dad, why are you all level 35? ] I pretended to be calm. [Ha ha, I just play casually every day, It’s level 35, In fact, the rise was quite slow.] Father was really calm. [Ha ha…], I chuckle, “Then you should pay attention to the operation, Otherwise, although the level is high, PK with others is a disadvantage. I think your operation is still a little poor. “[I PK with others, It’s really more fun than playing monsters…] While talking, Father suddenly tightened his lips, I pressed the keyboard with bright eyes. I looked at the screen, I saw my father fighting with a man from the Five Poisons Sect. The Five Poisons Sect is good at using poison. The damage attached to the moves is continuous, Very difficult, Just restrained the Beggars’ Sect from attacking high and defending low. Father was very serious and flexible in avoiding, As long as you have the chance, you will storm with your palm. And kept the blood and blue all the time. In a short time, The five poisons were genial and wanted to escape. My father immediately rushed forward and stormed, and solved the enemy cleanly. [PK is really interesting.] My father’s smile became more and more simple and honest. [……] I suddenly wanted to face upwards and whistle. In this way, my father started a long journey of swordsman love. Every week when I go back, I find that his role has changed completely. And I, about 40 levels, I never played again. My father took over my number as his [warehouse trumpet]. One day on a whim, I logged in again, I found that the role had reached more than 80 levels. At that time, I just graduated from junior high school. I have not yet realized the behind of this change. In fact, it is the merciless passage of time. After my father, who played a game for 11 years, went to college, I can only go home once a semester. My father is still playing [sword], It’s like a habit, a ritual. My father opened the interface of the game and showed me the latest equipment and martial arts. Looking at strange and familiar pictures, I suddenly went back to eleven years ago. I am still that ignorant and excited boy. In this way, he broke into a strange and fresh world. Up to now, Fresh has long been gone, Nostalgia is like wine, More mellow. I don’t know how many levels the father’s role is, But it suddenly occurred to me, Father is 50 years old. Eleven years old, From 39 to 50. Eleven years, From 12 to 23. Time is so quiet, But it pushed forward irresistibly. Not fast or slow. As I grew up little by little, Parents are also getting old. What a simple truth, But let a person cannot bear to face it directly. Eleven years of swordsman love with his father, Plain and so profound. And I will certainly grasp my own time and years, to struggle well. Live up to your and mother’s talk and expectations. Because of that chivalrous spirit and strength, as early as eleven years ago, was injected into my heart. This chivalrous spirit and touching, passed on between our father and son, never stopped.