Is it a what experience to have a particularly cool father?

As a man who has lived for 21 years, There are many things I can’t talk about all my life. But I can definitely say, In my whole life, I will benefit a lot from my father. I don’t know how many 20 years in my life will come. But for all the 20 years he was with me, He will always teach me, protect me, The memories and wisdom treasured in his life, Share it with me one by one. Democratic dad. I think the coolest thing about dad is that, Think of me as an individual equal to him. I grew up with my father, Very free, There was never an entrance guard at home. I used to go out drinking with my friends in high school until early morning. My dad asked me, Just send a message that you are safe at any time. From childhood to adulthood, I can’t understand why my classmates are afraid of hiring their parents. For me, Inviting parents is simply inviting my savior. Several of our friends stole Coke from our classmates in the second grade of primary school. When inviting parents, Several other children were scolded by their parents at that time, There are also people who have been slapped in public. But I remember now, My dad and I walked out of the office, My father smiled and patted me jokingly: It’s almost your birthday, The squadron committee was dismissed. Dad respected my personal choice very much. Will not force me to make any decisions, However, he will certainly collect all the information very carefully. Give me his opinion, Let me look at the problem in the most comprehensive way. College Entrance Examination, Going Abroad to Study in Graduate School, As long as it’s about me, He read the information every night, Then become an expert. Now his colleague’s children fill in the volunteer form, take the postgraduate entrance examination, We have to consult him. Careful dad, how careful dad is, It makes me doubt that I can’t find a satisfied boyfriend in my life. I went to Beijing to sign a contract. He will check the route, find the map, check the matters needing attention, write down the questions to be asked before signing the contract, Print out all of this, Bind a full book for me. When I was a junior, I worked as a part-time teacher of Chinese as a foreign language in a university. Once I needed a textbook, I asked my dad to send it to me. Before long, He sent me a WeChat: [The book has been sent, And scanned the “Spring Festival” section, Send it to your mailbox, For emergency use.] Once he asked me for a bill, I threw him my wallet, Let him find it himself, When I gave it back, The purse had been tidied up very neatly, Even cards, It’s all in order of how often I use it. My dad was having dinner with my boyfriend, When he gave the smoke to him, Put the cigarette case under the table specially, Just pass the cigarette, Because he didn’t want my boyfriend to see it was a bag of Chinese, He doesn’t want to put pressure on young guys. I know it can be seen on the smoke, But I think what my father has done is the protection that people can give a young heart. I will never think of these details. Dad who talks about everything, I talk to him about everything. I can use foul language to spit out the exotic flowers around me, Or you can cry and complain to him, No matter what the what problem is, I would call him. I hardly hide secrets. We stayed up late together to chase the ending of the TV series. I also drink beer and watch football matches. Shout for the goal, cry for the judgment, weep in front of him. Laugh with him. I talked to my dad some time ago, He inadvertently mentioned, In my junior year, He went out for a walk, Seeing me and my ex-boyfriend making out downstairs at home, He bypassed it at that time, For fear that I would be embarrassed when I saw him. In terms of love view, He was very worried about me. Dad used to say to me, Boys of the same age mature later, Men must be given time to grow up. To encourage him and guide him, Don’t impose your values on each other. When I was a child, every day before going to bed, He would let me read an article about five thousand years, He wanted me to care about politics, From an early age, he let me learn to dance, sing, flute, go, draw, He said there was no need to be proficient, Just a little understanding, Later, when people asked me, I could talk. But it was definitely not in a forced way. Later, I chatted with boys. When it comes to military affairs, I can say one thing or two, When all the boys expressed surprise, I seem to feel a little bit of my dad’s intentions. Responsible dad. My mom is naturally uneasy, Business cost the family and the house. They’re divorced. My dad didn’t let me know, My dad didn’t tell me when the house was about to be lost, He took it all on his own, I was so worried that I couldn’t sleep every night. When I was a child, I saw the note my mother left on her pillow: I took another two thousand dollars from you, I don’t think she ever paid it back, But my dad didn’t say anything bad about my mom in front of me, He thinks that children can’t have hatred in their hearts. My mother and I have a very good relationship. In addition to the once unreliable, My mother is really a cool mother. My mother told me the other day, Don’t lose your temper with your father in the future. He had very high blood pressure during the physical examination that day, Can’t be stimulated, He won’t let me tell you… My grandmother has a violent temper, So that basically the whole family broke off with her. Except for my father. My grandfather suffered a cerebral hemorrhage last year. No one in the family wants to take care of my grandmother, My father goes to grandma’s house first after work every day. Is to sit there and be scolded by her, Scold until 9 o’clock, Then go home for dinner. In short, my father is a democratic father, a tolerant husband and a responsible son. I once wrote an article in memory of Shi Tiesheng, Emotionally described how I took refuge in his words, understood life, analyzed beliefs, and constructed my spiritual world between the lines. In fact, I really took refuge in my father’s arms, read his meaningful life, and loved him like a firm belief-he is my spiritual world.