How to choose eggs? First of all, you have to understand these six questions.

When it comes to eggs, Dr. Clove can’t bear to praise their great power in the body. It is simply the best spokesperson for good quality and low price.

Not only is the nutrition good, but also the methods are simple and varied, such as boiled eggs, egg soup, egg custard, scrambled eggs, fried eggs, marinated eggs, tea eggs…

Although it is perfect, it still cannot stop human’s desire to love comparison…

Are native eggs more nutritious than foreign eggs?

Native eggs are the eggs laid by hens who run freely every day, while foreign eggs are the eggs laid by cages raised in purdah, which no one knows.

Local eggs on the market are generally more expensive than foreign eggs, but they are not necessarily nutritionally good.

Analyzing the nutritional composition of native eggs and foreign eggs, we will find that they do have certain differences in nutrition.

However, these differences will also appear between different native eggs or foreign eggs, and there is nothing rare about them.

Moreover, the nutritional value of eggs themselves is quite high, so this difference need not be taken to heart.

Brown eggs are better than white eggs?

Brown eggs are not white eggs that dye a head in order to keep up with the fashion. It is purely determined by the breed of hen.

However, whenever you run to the supermarket, brown eggs are always more popular with everyone. If you ask the high-spirited aunt next to you, she will probably tell you [good-looking, looking at it makes you feel nutritious].

Apart from looking good, there is no basis for the following words. As for taste and quality, there is no difference. If you really want to look at your face, buy it according to your own aesthetics.

Is soft-boiled eggs more nutritious than fully cooked eggs?

Compared with fully cooked eggs, soft-boiled eggs look attractive in color and value, and also avoid choking accidents, but nutrition is not necessarily the case.

There are protease inhibitors in eggs, which will reduce the activity of protease in digestive juice and affect digestion.

However, as long as it is fully heated, the protease inhibitor will be destroyed, and the function of the protease will be more joyfully removed, which is more conducive to digestion.

Minerals in eggs will not be lost with heating, but sensitive vitamins will, so the vitamins of soft-boiled sugar are better preserved.

In short, although there are differences in nutrition between the two, there are not many differences, but for the sake of safety, it is best to eat well-cooked eggs.

Is an egg with elastic feet an artificial egg?

Legend has it that there is a kind of fake egg that can play like a ping pong ball on the table after it is boiled.

In fact, the somebody else is really innocent, not fake.

There are two main reasons for this phenomenon:

    When eggs are kept at low temperature for too long or even frozen, the yolk will become very hard and elastic. Hens meet stingy breeders and eat gossypol-rich feeds such as cottonseed cakes. Although cottonseed cakes are rich in protein and low in price, eating too much of these gossypol-containing substances will turn eggs into [rubber eggs].

The technical difficulty of counterfeiting eggs is not to mention how high it is. How much is an egg, and the cost of counterfeiting is not low.

If you really meet an egg with strange appearance, it is basically caused by feed, abnormal hen’s body and other reasons. Don’t eat it if you don’t want to eat it.

Can cooked eggs with chicken manure be eaten?

You still need to wash the eggs before boiling them, otherwise the picture of shelling in the crowd is a little beautiful…

Chicken manure contains a large number of pathogenic bacteria, parasites and eggs, which is the vector of disease transmission. Recently, chicken manure is also contributing to influenza viruses such as H7N9.

However, throwing eggs into boiling water and boiling them for a few minutes can kill the pathogenic bacteria at high temperature.

If there is chicken manure attached to boiled eggs, there is no need to worry too much, because the process of boiling eggs for a few minutes also kills pathogenic bacteria at high temperature.

In short, eat as you like.

Is the double yellow egg hormonal?

Double yellow eggs are actually caused by [irregular menstruation] of chickens.

Generally speaking, everything in the chicken is normal, one egg yolk will be discharged every day, and normal eggs will be produced.

If the hen ovulates twice in a row, the two yolks will be wrapped together and become double yellow eggs, and even [three yellow eggs] and the like will appear.

The egg is relatively large, which can easily lead to inflammation and rupture of the hen’s fallopian tube and even lead to the death of the hen. Therefore, is it not said that the hen is dying by beating hormones to urge the hen to produce double yellow eggs?

More importantly, even if the hormone is used, the hormone can only act on the hen, and the hormone cannot enter the egg.

As for nutrition, it is actually similar to ordinary eggs.