Plants compete with people for oxygen? ! Some of them are really not suitable for the bedroom.

Some people say that raising some flowers and plants at home can not only decorate the room, but also purify the air and prevent radiation.

Some people also say that some plants are poisonous and not suitable for keeping at home, especially in bedrooms.

Others say that if green plants are raised in the bedroom, they will compete for oxygen while we sleep.

In the face of all kinds of statements, it doesn’t matter who [someone] is. Dr. Clove, like everyone else, is eager to know whether these statements are reliable or not!

Today, Dr. Clove invited Dr. Shi Jun from Botany. He will tell us the story of Green Plants and the bedroom.

Will Green Plants Fight with People for Oxygen?

It has always been circulated that green plants will stop producing oxygen at night and start absorbing oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide.

Many plants do have such respiration, but the respiration rate of common plants is far lower than that of human beings in one room.

Don’t worry, they can’t compete with us.

However, although they lost the battle for oxygen, some green plants are really not suitable for keeping in the bedroom because of their own characteristics.

These green plants are not welcome in the bedroom.

1. Prickly

Representative plants: cactus and tiger prune.

The potential danger of these plants is obvious-they hurt when pricked by sharp pricks on their bodies. Of course, if you are not afraid of being pricked, raise them casually.

In fact… why should cactus be kept at home? Shouldn’t you take it to squeeze the bus?

2. Aromatic

Representative plants: lilies and orchids.

These flowers smell very fragrant. Although these fragrances will not directly cause harm to the human body, too strong a smell will stimulate the sense of smell, causing us to fall asleep normally and even causing dizziness and headache.

Especially those plants that bloom at night, such as cordate telosma, will give off a strong smell, which is even more unsuitable for indoor cultivation.

Love comes too strongly and cannot be done.

In addition, there is a large amount of pollen on flowers such as lily, which is also a potential danger for friends with allergic constitution.

But you want to keep some flowers and plants at home? There are also choices!

These plants are good friends in the room.

Representative plants: dill and bracketplant.

These two plants are very safe and generally do not cause harm to family members, cats and dogs.

Moreover, these plants have certain improvement effect on indoor pollution. Although the improvement ability is limited, it is also a good choice.

However, for many people, the greatest advantage of these plants may be that they are well nourished.

Yes, they can live well even without fertile soil and careful care.

For friends who lack time to take care of flowers (that is, those players who have kept flowers and died inexplicably), is there a better choice than green dill and bracketplant?

There is really…

Hawaiian coconuts and rich bamboo are also good.

Of course, having said so much, how can we miss the fleshy plants that everyone loves? However, fleshy plants have strict requirements on light, temperature and humidity, especially if the light is less, fleshy plants may not want to live.