How to Choose Sunglasses Good for Eye Health

Have you chosen new sunglasses for yourself this summer? Is it a queen like Fan Bingbing or a hot mom like Sun Li?

Although the popular styles of sunglasses in summer are constantly changing, they are always popular year after year because of their oversized, gorgeous colors and reflective colors, which give you enough capital to still dazzle and capture people in the sun.

However, do you know to protect your eyes while modeling?

Blocking ultraviolet rays

Beautiful women always like oversized colored plastic sunglasses. Fashion is concerned about whether green or white is popular and whether diamond accessories are needed. Ophthalmologists are concerned about protecting against ultraviolet rays first.

For sunglasses, the most important thing is to be able to protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays, that is, to provide all-round protection against UVA/UVB and ultraviolet light with wavelengths below 400. There is usually a small sticker on the frame, which reads [UV 400].

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy a pair of Fan Bingbing or Wong Kar-wai, there is no inevitable connection between the price and the protection effect. Ophthalmologists think that qualified sunglasses can 100% resist ultraviolet rays, perhaps as long as 100 yuan a pair, perhaps 1000 yuan a pair.

Polarized light

Another hot topic of discussion about sunglasses is the polarizing function. If you go to the seaside or do more water sports, or think the reflection of the car hood is too dazzling, you can consider choosing, because polarizing lenses can effectively reduce the dazzling caused by diffuse reflection.

One disadvantage of polarizers is that they may not be able to see clearly the screen of mobile phones, GPS and LCD screens on the dashboard. Polarizing and resisting ultraviolet rays are two concepts, which is only one of the reasons why they are comfortable to wear. Don’t be fooled into cheating money.


Sunglasses come in many colors, include brown, amber, bronze, There are also green, gray, rose and blue. Just choose one that looks beautiful. There is no necessary connection between color and ultraviolet protection. Dark lenses are not necessarily better at protection than light lenses. Ultraviolet protection is to add a protective coat to the lens, whether it is pink, blue or green.

In fact, dark lenses that do not have ultraviolet protection function may be worse than light lenses that can protect ultraviolet rays, because dark lenses enlarge pupils, thus the cornea is more vulnerable to ultraviolet burns.

If you are a driver, gray, green and brown sunglasses are preferred. Because yellow and red lenses may hinder the identification of traffic lights.


Finally, there is the problem of size. From a medical point of view, the larger the frame, the better the protection.

The large-frame sunglasses are like a mask, which can go all the way to the back of the ear. The frame is very wide or the lens is very large, and the protection range is also larger.

Of course, the design space of this kind of sunglasses is also large. The rim of the picture frame can be decorated with rhinestones. Your flashing glasses among all living beings will definitely become the focus.

Responsible Editor: Wang Yucheng