How to deal with breast pain?

Many patients may feel at a loss and worry about their breast health when their breasts are scorching, sour, acupuncture or tingling.

Especially if breast pain is not caused by menstrual cycle, but only occurs on one breast, because this stabbing pain is usually located in the precordial region, many patients will suspect that they have heart disease.

However, don’t worry, breast pain can be clearly diagnosed and further treated by family therapy or prescription drugs.

What are the types of breast pain?

1. Periodic breast pain

This type of breast pain is often aggravated and relieved with the fluctuation of the menstrual cycle. If the degree is not heavy, it does not need to be treated.

Manifestations are usually blunt pain and dull pain of bilateral breasts, which sometimes extend to the periphery of armpits, mostly in premenopausal women.

2. Aperiodic breast pain

This type of pain is mostly manifested as persistent or intermittent sharp pain, burning sensation and stabbing pain of unilateral breast, and has nothing to do with menstrual cycle.

Pain is more common on one side, mostly inside, below or around the breast.

If aperiodic breast pain occurs around the breast, the patient may feel angina pectoris.

What are the causes of breast pain?

The breast lacks the protection of bones and muscles, and contains a large number of nerves, blood vessels, connective tissue, breast ducts and breast lobules responsible for secreting milk, so it is easy to [injure] and sensitive to pain.

    Breast surgery: If the patient has had a history of breast surgery, It could be surgical tissue damage or scar, Causing pain. Breast cyst or fibroma: If there is cyst or fibroma in the breast, It may also oppress surrounding tissues, Causing regional pain. Inflammation of the breast: If there is an abscess due to infection or other reasons, Blockage of the milk tube, Causing mastitis or ductal dilatation, Pain can also occur. This kind of pain often occurs at or under the nipple, It also affects the neck, shoulders and back. Mental stress: Aperiodic breast pain is also closely related to mental stress, mainly because mental stress makes the muscles around the breast tense. Breast cancer: Although breast cancer rarely causes breast stabbing pain, it also occurs in a few cases.

What are the reasons for stabbing pain around the breast?

    Costal chondritis: This is an inflammation of cartilage or bone in the chest wall, Often accompanied by dull pain, May be confused with breast pain. Sternoarthritis: When the patient coughs or breathes deeply, Breast pain can occur. Bronchitis: As an inflammation of the trachea in the lungs, it also causes pain and can be aggravated when coughing or breathing hard, often confused with breast pain. Muscle strain: When people lift weights, do exercises or bend over, they may strain chest wall muscles, which is mistaken for breast pain.

What are the treatment methods for breast stabbing pain?

First of all, you can observe your menstrual cycle and breast pain cycle, and judge whether your pain is related to your menstrual cycle through records.

Second, consult a doctor and have a breast examination. You may need to do a mammography or B-ultrasound examination. If there is a breast infection, breast cyst or fibroma, don’t worry too much, these diseases can be cured. After determining the cause of breast pain, you can receive treatment under the guidance of a doctor.

If there is no clear reason for breast pain, you can continue to observe, and at the same time you can carry out some simple family treatment under the guidance of a doctor, such as hot compress, cold compress, taking painkillers, etc. At the same time, you need to continuously record your symptoms, regularly review, and try to provide detailed information to doctors.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Jingyuan