How to preserve insulin? How do you take it on a trip?

If your family has diabetes, or if you are a diabetes, do you care enough about the correct use of insulin? Now let’s accept the challenge. Please listen to the question: The insulin pen equipped with insulin refill should be kept after opening: Do you think it is easy to answer before you see the question? Do you take it for granted that you can put it in the refrigerator? But how many degrees should it be? Is there any difference before and after opening? How? 1. Before opening: As require in that instructions, Unopened insulin is generally required to be kept in refrigerators at 2 ℃ ~ 8 ℃, Until the expiry date, And placed away from the freezer compartment, Insulin will maintain its effective biological effect. 2. Before injection: Before the injection, It is recommended to take it out of the refrigerator and leave it for about 2 hours. When the insulin is close to normal temperature, Can avoid discomfort during injection and stimulation to subcutaneous tissue. 3. Half used: Insulin turned on, It can be stored at room temperature (about 25 ℃) and kept away from light. The storage time should not exceed 4 weeks. Insulin injection is repeatedly placed in cold and hot environment, It is more likely to cause insulin failure, Therefore, it is no longer necessary to put it in the refrigerator for refrigeration. 4. Note: Do not return the insulin pen with insulin refill to the refrigerator compartment after use. Because the injection pen is repeatedly put in and taken out of the refrigerator without the needle being taken off, The liquid medicine in the insulin refill will inhale air to form bubbles due to thermal expansion and cold contraction, resulting in inaccurate injection dosage. After each insulin injection is completed, only the needle needs to be removed and stored at room temperature. Any insulin cannot be stored at 0 ℃ at any time, and frozen insulin cannot be used again. How to carry it when traveling? If cars and trains are used as travel methods, there is no special consideration for what. It can be left at room temperature for a short period of time. But insulin is liquid and needles are needed when using it. Can it be taken on the plane? This issue was first raised at the Clove Garden Medical Forum. It has attracted discussions from professionals from all sides, Only then did we find out that The question of how insulin gets on the plane involves medical, legal and aviation knowledge. And each of us has a blind spot in knowledge, The power of group wisdom is amazing. 1. Issue a good doctor’s certificate. According to the Announcement of the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China on Restricting the Carrying of Liquid Articles on Civil Aviation Aircraft, Passengers take liquid drugs such as liquids, gels and sprays to board the plane. You must carry a doctor’s prescription or hospital certificate, Fang can be exempted. Carrying liquid drugs must go through security checks separately from other luggage. And show proof to the security personnel. If there is no prescription, It is a self-purchased drug, It must be in accordance with the regulations, In a 100 ml container, And put it in a transparent plastic bag. 2. Calculate the amount of drugs required according to the passenger’s needs on the plane. At this time, there is no requirement for containers and plastic bags. For diabetics, A sufficient amount of insulin preparation can be carried, And a needle-mounted hypodermic syringe, However, medical certificates are required. 3. Drugs and syringes need to be completely packaged to prove that the drugs carried have not been replaced. It is necessary to maintain the logo on the drug, Can’t be removed. 4. International flights have special requirements. If you are on an international flight, You can refer to the regulations of the National Transportation Safety Administration of the United States. 5. Glucose meters and insulin are carried with you. Although checking the luggage compartment will not cause insulin failure, However, during long-distance travel and meals on the plane, the blood sugar level will change obviously. Diabetes patients often need to inject insulin on the plane, so they must carry insulin with them. What drugs can be carried on the plane? According to the doctor’s certificate, Civil aviation stipulates that the following articles and instruments related to diabetes are allowed: Insulin and insulin formula products (various infusion equipment containing insulin) unlimited number of syringes (used in conjunction with insulin and other injection drugs) insulin pumps such as blood collection pens, blood glucose meters, blood glucose test paper, alcohol cotton tablets, blood glucose meter proofreading test paper/test solution and insulin pump consumables (batteries, plastic drug storage devices, pipelines, needles, etc.); Insulin pumps must be equipped with insulin. Glucagon urine sugar test paper, boxes for handling used needles, syringes and other items, insulin and other drugs must be marked. If you are worried that metal detectors will affect the function of insulin pumps, Can tell the security personnel that you are wearing insulin, Instead, security personnel will manually check the whole body, And check the insulin pump and advise the security personnel that the insulin pump cannot be removed. Because there is a needle in the skin, it is recommended to inform the security personnel when there is hypoglycemia and medical assistance. You have the right to request direct and visual examination of insulin and diabetes products (without X-rays and other equipment). Now, friends of patients who need insulin, do you know what to do?