Hypertension cannot be cured, why do you still have to take medicine?

For patients who have just discovered hypertension, the most concerned question is: Do you want to take medicine? When you eat what?

Although everyone does not want to take medicine, most hypertension patients need drugs to control their blood pressure and often take medicine for life.

When explaining the problem of taking medicine, people are often most confused by two problems:

    Why can’t hypertension be cured? Since it cannot be cured, taking medicine still has side effects, why take medicine?

We need to answer these two doubts slowly.

Why is hypertension not cured well?

There is no mention of secondary hypertension with definite causes. Blood pressure increases caused by this other disease. After removing the causes, blood pressure may be effectively controlled.

What we want to talk about is hypertension whose exact cause cannot be found, which is called essential hypertension.

The increase in blood pressure of these patients may be related to hormone changes in the body, systemic vasoconstriction and large blood volume. However, what causes these changes and is not very clear. Only some risk factors can be identified: such as excessive salt consumption, obesity, heredity, high mental stress, etc.

Moreover, these changes that lead to the rise of blood pressure are often irreversible. For example, after the whole body vasoconstriction, it is difficult to recover by oneself. You can only reduce blood pressure by relaxing blood vessels through the action of antihypertensive drugs. Once the drug is stopped, the effect of antihypertensive drugs is gone and will be repeated.

Since the reason cannot be clearly defined, there is no way to solve the problem. We can only control the controllable risk factors one by one. On this basis, drugs can be used to help control blood pressure.

Why do you still take antihypertensive drugs if you can’t cure it?

The harm of hypertension is basically caused by blood pressure higher than normal. At present, we cannot cure hypertension, but we can prevent its harm to the body by lowering blood pressure to normal.

Just like although we can’t kill a monster, we can lock it up to prevent it from hurting people everywhere.

Antihypertensive drugs are the cages of the monster [hypertension]. It is by far the most effective way to improve the quality of life of hypertension patients and prevent complications.

Do antihypertensive drugs have any side effects? Of course, this is like the price to pay for building and repairing cages.

The monster has already arrived. Under the condition that you cannot kill it, do you choose to make a cage to pay attention to it, or do you think it is too difficult to make a cage, and you need to repair it from time to time, simply ignore it and let the monster make it casually?

The answer is obvious.

As for people’s worries about the side effects of antihypertensive drugs, they should also explain them to you.

When each antihypertensive drug is put on the market, it must go through strict experiments, and data are needed to prove that hypertension patients are allowed to take this drug before they gain more than the risk.

There are many antihypertensive drugs. When doctors prescribe drugs, they will also choose the most suitable drugs according to the characteristics of patients.

Since many experiments have been carried out before the drug, the antihypertensive drugs you take may have what side effects. The doctor knows which side effects have a high probability and which side effects have a low probability. He will also focus on observing these situations. Once side effects occur, it is good to adjust the drug in time.

Therefore, I dare not take antihypertensive drugs for fear of side effects. This worry is really too anxious.

After all, compared with the harm of hypertension to people, the side effects of antihypertensive drugs are not worth mentioning.

Of course, hypertension doctors understand everyone’s mood that they don’t want to take medicine. Everyone wants to be healthy without taking medicine. This is [the best]. However, the disease has already occurred. According to the current medical level, there is no way for everyone to reach that [the best]. Only drugs can be used to control the development of the disease without complications and pursue [the second best]. But if you don’t take medicine and let the disease hurt your body, that is [the next step].