Hypertension control is not good, may be blind, can’t see things

The eyes are the windows of the heart, Let’s feel the wonderful world. Many people like to use cameras to describe eyeballs. Then the retina is like a photographic film in a camera. It is specially responsible for photosensitive imaging. But for people with hypertension who do not control their blood pressure well, At the end of the day, enjoying a clear and bright world may be a luxury for them. Because small blood vessels in the retina are damaged by hypertension, hypertensive retinopathy will occur, and in serious cases, they may become blind and never see again. What is going on? Why does hypertension damage retina? Although, generally at the end of hypertension, It is easy for the eyes to fail to see clearly. However, in the early stage of hypertension, The retinal arterioles may begin to spasm, With the aggravation of atherosclerosis, When blood pressure rises sharply, it can cause retinal exudation and hemorrhage. As a result, the vision is blurred, Vision loss, Even blind. After diagnosing hypertension, Physicians often consult with ophthalmologists, Ask them to help look at the patient’s friend’s fundus. Under the observation of the ophthalmoscope, retinopathy will be in a glance. The ophthalmoscope examination is convenient and quick. Through the evaluation of retinopathy, we can estimate the time limit, severity and possible involvement of other organs of hypertension. How to prevent and treat retinal damage? The blood vessels, the heart, the brain, the kidneys, the retina… are all areas that the ambitious hypertension [army] wants to occupy. To hold on to these fortresses, Preventing the attack of hypertension [army] is by no means an overnight achievement. Patients’ friends must adhere to regular treatment for a long time under the guidance of doctors and maintain stable blood pressure in order to protect target organs and prevent the occurrence of complications. 1. How to prevent retinopathy? There is no smoke without fire. Without hypertension itself, There would be no hypertensive retinopathy. Therefore, To prevent the progression of retinopathy, To find a way to cut off [source], to do the following two things: (1) good control of blood pressure: this is the premise. (2) Active control of blood sugar: diabetes is also an accomplice to the progress of the disease. If hypertension friends are complicated with diabetes at the same time, active control of blood sugar is also conducive to slowing down the progress of the disease. 2. What if retina has pathological changes? Retinopathy is an important sign of deterioration of chronic progressive hypertension or acute progressive hypertension. In different periods, There will be different therapeutic effects: Early stage: If treated in time, Remove the cause of the disease, Keep blood pressure under control, Fundus lesions can gradually fade away. Late stage: The ocular fundus arteries may be silvery or completely occluded as white lines, As a result of ischemia of that retina, the optic disc and/or retinal neovascularization occur, It is difficult to reverse the pathological changes. It is worth noting that when the blood pressure rises sharply and the vision is blurred, the blood pressure should be lowered smoothly under the guidance of the doctor. If a strong underground medicine causes a sharp drop in blood pressure, it may lead to the aggravation of retinopathy due to insufficient blood supply in the peripheral circulation.