Hypoglycemia, what should I do?

Does hypoglycemia show what?

Deficiency sweat, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, golden flowers in eyes, trembling, hunger, weakness, numbness of hands and feet, vague speech. Severe hypoglycemia can cause dysphoria, personality changes, disorientation, epileptic seizures and other manifestations, and even coma.

The blood sugar level measured is often lower than 3.8 mmol/L, but for diabetics with poor control of long-term hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia may also occur when the blood sugar level is high.

What should hypoglycemia do?

1. Quickly supplement blood sugar and chew 1-2 cubes of sugar and fructose, or eat 1-2 pieces of bread and 5-6 pieces of biscuits. If the effect is not ideal, you can eat it again and seek medical treatment in time.

2. If the people around you have hypoglycemia attacks, they should measure their blood sugar quickly. If the patient is awake, sugar water can be fed. If the patient is unconscious, honey can be applied to the oral cavity, etc.

3. If there is no relief in a short period of time, call 120 or seek medical treatment immediately.

How to prevent hypoglycemia?

1. Diabetics should develop the habit of regular quantitative eating and regular blood sugar measurement, not to change the dosage of drugs without authorization, not to reduce meals without authorization; Consult a doctor before a large number of exercises and make a reasonable meal plan.

2. Normal people should pay attention to three meals a day to ensure proper energy intake and not blindly diet.