If you are ill, where can you find a reliable hospital?

If you are ill, you may have the following problems.

I don’t know which hospital to go to.

I went to the hospital and didn’t know how to hang up what?

When waiting in line, would you like to know something about the disease first?

While waiting for the examination, would you like to see what doctors will say about the disease, what?

Do you want an operation? Or take medicine? Or do you need radiotherapy or chemotherapy?

Are those emerging treatments reliable?

… …

You took out your cell phone, opened the browser, but turned it off again. Because I really can’t believe the results of the casual search on the Internet.

At this time, the correct posture should be to open the clove doctor App that you have installed on your mobile phone:

Enter the search page

Enter the name of the disease you want to know

Let’s take the malignant tumor [lung cancer] with the highest incidence as an example.

There are several other diseases associated with lung cancer

Lung cancer has what symptoms?

Is it hereditary?


How to prevent it?

Can smog lead to lung cancer?

Does smoking cause lung cancer?

It turns out that different hospitals have different departments to see this disease.

Which hospitals near my home are good?

It turns out that there can be so many drugs to treat this disease!

There are also medical insurance tips!

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