If you want to have a second child, why is it more difficult to have [two treasures] than [Dabao]?

With the opening of the two-child policy, many couples who already have one child want to have a “two treasures”.

However, some people will have trouble [not being able to conceive]. Why is it that the first child goes smoothly and the second child cannot be conceived?

Being able to give birth before does not mean being able to give birth now.

First of all, we have neglected a problem. As we grow older, fertility will decline for both men and women.

For women, the best age for giving birth is about 20-30 years old, when women’s eggs are in the best condition.

After the age of 35, the function of women’s ovaries will obviously decline, the quality of eggs will gradually deteriorate, and the overall health level of the body will not be as good as that before the age of 30. As a result, not only the chances of conception become smaller, but also the possibility of problems during fetal development is higher than before.

Of course, men are not [easy to rest].

For men, the best age for giving birth is about 25-35 years old. Men in this age group are the most energetic and have the best sperm quality.

With the growth of age, the quantity and quality of male sperm are also declining, and bad living habits such as smoking and drinking will become sperm [killers]. Therefore, giving birth to two treasures is not a female [one-man battle].

In short, fertility will decline with age, so it is best to have children as early as possible.

Even if you have a child smoothly, don’t ignore the relevant examination.

In fact, it is quite common to have one child, but it is difficult to conceive a second child. If you have given birth to a child before, then you have a regular life and cannot be pregnant for more than one year, it is [secondary infertility].

Due to the smooth birth of the first child, many women will ignore some reproductive-related things, such as not insisting on contraception, having induced abortion after unwanted pregnancy, or having symptoms of chronic gynecological diseases, but dragging on without seeing a doctor, all of which are easy to damage the female reproductive system and lead to pregnancy difficulties.

Therefore, even if the first child is successfully born, don’t neglect the examination related to childbirth. If it is found that there is indeed [secondary infertility], it is necessary to see a doctor in time. As long as early detection and treatment are carried out, most of them can be cured and pregnant smoothly.

What should be done before giving birth to a second child?

STEP 1 Take care of your body

After giving birth to Dabao, no matter whether you plan to have a second child or not, you must take good care of your body, so it is necessary to insist on exercise, weight control and balanced nutrition.

2. Prevention of disease

Attention must be paid to the prevention of various diseases that damage the reproductive system, especially vaginal infection, because vagina is the gateway to the female reproductive system. Once it goes wrong, it is easy to affect the important basis of pregnancy such as fallopian tubes.

Step 3 Pay Attraction to Contraception

Do a good job in contraception to avoid induced abortion due to accidental pregnancy. Repeated abortion will damage endometrium and lead to infertility.

STEP 4 Do a good job of checking

It is suggested that you should do the following examinations (pay more attention if you have a second child at an advanced age):

(1) Routine examination of heart, liver and kidney

Such as electrocardiogram, liver and kidney function, hematuria routine, blood sugar and blood pressure, thyroid function, TORCH, etc.

(2) Emphasis should be placed on the examination of the reproductive system

Women need to do gynecologic B-ultrasound, leucorrhea routine examination, etc. According to the specific examination results, doctors will give suggestions for further examination.

5. Prepare for pregnancy scientifically

Having a second child, like having a first child, also requires scientific preparation for pregnancy, such as taking folic acid, moderate exercise, and calculating the ovulation period. Do you want to improve the hit rate and have a second child quickly? Click here to see how.