I’ll teach you a phrase and remember all the precautions for insulin injection!

Remember the rhyme: one shake, two pack, three exhaust, four adjust, five eliminate, six injection, seven stop, eight pull, nine unload and ten collect.

Step 1 Shake

Gently roll the injection pen or reverse the injection pen back and forth for 15 times to mix insulin evenly. Check whether insulin is shaken evenly, insulin dosage form and validity period.

Step 2: Install

Remove the needle paper label and rotate the needle clockwise on the refill holder.

Step 3 Exhaust

Turn the dose adjusting bolt to 2 unit doses, knock on the refill, the needle is facing up, and the air is discharged. When the needle has medicine flowing out, the air has been discharged.

Step 4: Tune

Turn the dose adjustment bolt to select the dose you need.

5. Elimination

Use alcohol cotton to disinfect the injection site from inside to outside with the injection site as the center. The injection site can usually be selected as abdomen, upper arm, thigh and hip. When alcohol volatilizes.

Step 6 Injection

The needle was inserted at an angle of 45 degrees to the skin in children and emaciated adults. The needle was inserted at an angle of 90 degrees in normal weight adults. The interval between the two injections was more than 2 cm.

The injection site should be at least far away from one transverse palm of the joint to avoid injection in scar or hard mass.

Step 7 Stop

After the injection is completed, the dose window returns to zero and the injection posture body stays for 10 seconds.

Step 8: Pull out

Gently press the syringe with a dry cotton swab and pull out the needle.

Step 9 Discharge

Cover the needle jacket, remove the needle counterclockwise and throw it into the garbage can dedicated to storing sharp instruments.

10. Collection

Keep insulin and pen in a safe place. The opened bottle of insulin can be used for 28 days at room temperature.

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