Is cesarean section a better choice?

Vaginal delivery is a delivery method created by God for human reproduction when he created human beings. However, due to a series of viewpoints circulating in the society in recent years, such as cesarean section is safer, children are smarter, postpartum sex life is less affected, and labor pain can be reduced. As a result, many pregnant women and their families, Make up your mind to have a cesarean section from the day you are sure of your pregnancy. The wrong ideas affect not only ordinary pregnant women, but also medical workers, even doctors, nurses and midwives who work in obstetrics and gynecology. So when some doctors suggest that you have a cesarean section, it is not profitable, but it is possible that they do think so.

Driven by this concept, Since the 1990s, The cesarean section rate in China has increased year by year, and the cesarean section rate in some hospitals in some regions has reached 80-90%. This is a shocking figure and even alarmed the World Health Organization. The World Health Organization has already warned China. After that, the Chinese government began to actively promote vaginal delivery and asked hospitals around the country to reduce the cesarean section rate.

To reduce the cesarean section rate, the first thing to change is the concept-cesarean section is not as safe and comfortable as imagined.

1. Cesarean section bleeding more.

The most successful cesarean section also produces an average of 500 ml more blood than vaginal delivery. If there is more bleeding, May be in shock, may be life-threatening, Even need a blood transfusion, In addition to the risk of surgery, there is a risk of heavy blood transfusion. If there is massive postpartum hemorrhage, there may also be a disease called Sheehan’s syndrome. This is due to excessive bleeding. The enlarged pituitary gland during pregnancy is necrotic due to insufficient blood supply, Causing endocrine disorders. Typical manifestations are: Long-term weakness and fatigue after postpartum hemorrhage, The earliest is no milk secretion, then secondary amenorrhea, secondary infertility. Hypolibido, vaginal dryness, sexual intercourse difficulties. Anemia, edema, weight loss, etc. A few have emaciation cachexia. Severe patients may need lifelong drug replacement therapy. Mild symptoms are atypical, without acute symptoms, mistaken by traditional Chinese medicine for lunar disease.

If the first cesarean section goes smoothly and there is no massive hemorrhage, what about the back?

2. Cesarean section affects re-pregnancy.

As a result of the gradual liberalization of the family planning policy, Many people have multiple births, Even if you only want to have a baby, But it is also possible that you accidentally got pregnant again. After cesarean section, The risk is greatly increased. Just like your first baby lives in a new villa, The second baby is a second-hand house that has fallen into disrepair. If your first baby came through the window–no, Breaking through the wall, Then the second baby lives not only in the second-hand house, It may also be a dilapidated building. This dilapidated building may have collapsed before the baby came to this world safely-the uterus ruptured. It endangers your life and the baby’s life. Perhaps although there is no such tragic ending, However, it is possible that the gestational sac is implanted on the scar of the cesarean section incision. The fertilized egg is implanted in the endometrium like seeds are planted in soil. Forming the placenta, Absorb nutrients from the mother’s body. If unfortunately planted on this scar, It is equivalent to seeds being planted in thin soil on rocks. Less nutrition, It affects the child’s development. And this place is the weakest place in the uterus. If it happens that the intima does not grow well, Fetuses may grow in crevices in rocks, Incision scar pregnancy, dangerous placenta previa, placenta accreta. Some of these conditions must be dealt with before the fetus is full term. Some full-term deliveries suffer from severe postpartum hemorrhage, even the mother’s uterus, and her life cannot be saved. Although not everyone will suffer from these complications, due to the high cesarean section rate in recent years, our obstetricians have experienced more and more.

3. Endometriosis may occur after cesarean section.

The endometrium is equivalent to wallpaper pasted inside the room. It should be inside the room. Thickness changes during the menstrual cycle. It is this layer of wallpaper that falls off during menstruation. A new layer of wallpaper is pasted at the end of menstruation. But sometimes these intima will leave their original position. Walk to other organs, It becomes endometriosis. Cesarean section is also one of the causes of endometriosis. During vaginal delivery, These endometrial exfoliations will be discharged from the vagina in the form of lochia. But during cesarean section, The child broke through the wall, Part of the endometrium will enter the abdominal cavity and the abdominal wall. These intima will also be planted, These endometriums are not only planted but also controlled by hormones like the endometrium on the surface of the uterus. Growing, falling off and bleeding. However, the endometrium on the surface of the uterus falls off and then flows out of the body with the blood flow. The endometrial bleeding that leaves the uterus has no place to flow, As they accumulate, A lake is formed in situ-the focus of endometriosis. The prominent symptom of endometriosis is pain. Every time menstruation comes, it hurts-dysmenorrhea. Many parturients find a mass on the abdominal wall incision growing up two or three years after cesarean section. It hurts every time you come to menstruation, And the mass is getting bigger and bigger and more painful. With this, you are unfortunately suffering from cesarean section incision endometriosis. Cesarean section incision endometriosis is also increasing with the increase of cesarean section. And is known and familiar by obstetricians and gynecologists. With cesarean section incision endometriosis, you may have to undergo another operation.

4. Postoperative infection.

Bacteria are everywhere in the air, The vagina is also infested with a large number of bacteria, But our bodies have a very good defense mechanism, It will not be easily invaded by bacteria. Complete skin and complete uterus are one of the best protections for us. But during cesarean section, the doctor cut the skin, cut the uterus, The child broke through the wall, Let our abdominal cavity communicate with the outside world and vagina. Although the doctor disinfects your skin over and over again before the operation, Disinfect her hands, Use strictly sterilized equipment, inject antibiotics into you, operate on you in laminar flow operating room, Has greatly reduced your chances of infection, However, there are still some pregnant women with low resistance who unfortunately suffer from infection or even serious infection. Once there was a patient who had wound infection after delivery outside the hospital. The infection healed after the treatment, But the fever didn’t heal, He started coughing. Come to see a doctor again, Check that the postpartum wound has healed. The uterus is recovering well. There is no stomachache. Listen to the lungs, As if the water in the kettle had boiled, I considered her heart failure and sent her to the cardiology department of our superior hospital. A week later, the patient came to our hospital to get the outpatient medical record and told me that the patient was infective endocarditis. I sent her to that hospital in the afternoon, and she had an emergency heart valve replacement operation that night. It can be seen that postpartum infection may also have serious consequences.

5. Pelvic adhesion after operation.

Perhaps you have not experienced any of the above unfortunate events, But a young woman may also suffer from other diseases requiring laparotomy in the long years to come. Such as appendicitis, ovarian cysts, intestinal diseases, etc. So you had a cesarean section, Doctors will be very worried about whether the operation will be difficult. Some people have scar constitution, Peritoneal adhesion and intestinal adhesion are easy to occur after surgery. The anatomical structure in the abdominal cavity is quite different from what doctors learn in textbooks. He needs to carefully identify and separate these adhesions before he can complete the operation, or although he is very careful, he still has complications. Diseases are sometimes unavoidable, but the first cesarean section may be avoidable.

So how to solve the pain of vaginal delivery?

Many pregnant women know that cesarean section is not safe, I do want to give birth vaginally, But the pain during labor, Shattering her confidence in an instant, Began to clamor for cesarean section. The pain of childbirth is really too painful, The author has also experienced, In the past, thousands of women have experienced it, and have experienced it more than once. Due to the development of new technologies, the progress of medicine and the development of safe drugs, the gospel of women has come-we can choose labor analgesia. The use of anesthesia and analgesia during labor has no influence on the labor process and the newborn, which can effectively relieve labor pain.

Does vaginal delivery really affect the pleasure of sexual life?

The female vagina carries both sexual and reproductive functions. In a natural state, it is a closed lumen. Male sex organs can be accepted during sex. Can let the fetus pass during delivery, with strong plasticity. Because the fetus head diameter is about 10 centimeters, some pelvic floor muscle tension will drop in the short term after delivery, but the lumen is still closed. Postpartum after recovery and pelvic floor muscle exercise, do more anal movement, women’s sexual ability can be restored as before.

Are children undergoing cesarean section smarter?

“It is that early learn and sensory process for the fetus to pass through the narrow and twisted birth canal under intermittent contractions.” However, cesarean section deprives infants of this opportunity to learn, which leads to a series of behavioral problems after development. Some studies have linked cesarean section to ADHD and autism. Although these studies are still in their infancy, at least they show that children who undergo cesarean section will not be smarter than children who give birth vaginally.

In summary, Cesarean section is not as safe as imagined. If I were a expectant mother, I would not ask for a cesarean section. If I were your obstetrician, I would not suggest you cesarean section without principle. And vaginal delivery, there will be medical staff to take care of and comfort you all the way. Pain to find anesthesiologists to help you solve, postpartum in addition to caring for your baby, also want to actively do restorative training. You will become a beautiful, strong hot mom.