Is it true or is it just a legend that old people will feel like old people?

When I was young, my grandparents lived in a big antique house. I especially liked their house, where there were ancient and unsophisticated sour branch tables and chairs, beautiful calligraphy and painting ornaments, and exquisite mahogany bookcases. In addition to the deep impression of vision and touch… what I remember most is that every time I go back to their home, I can always smell the quiet smell of smoke when I open the door.

It was not until many years later, when I talked with my grandmother, that I heard her explain the reason for the incense. She said that she was afraid that others would think there was an “old man’s smell” in the room.

Many people say that elderly people will have the unique [old people’s flavor] of the elderly. Is this true or legendary? If so, what should I do?

Is it really [old-fashioned] or is it just a legend?

This is true.

Japan even coined a special word for this taste, called “aging odor”, which means that as you get older, you may have an unpleasant taste.

This is proved by science. Scientists have conducted a study. They collected body odors from people of different ages and then asked the participants to use their noses to distinguish them. People can often accurately distinguish which odors come from elderly people.

This so-called “aging odor” is different between men and women: according to the experimental results, among the men participating in the experiment, the odor of men aged 45-55 is the most unpleasant; However, women aged 45-55 smell better than women aged 75-95.

Therefore, [Jialing Smelly] is sometimes called [Uncle Smelly], which is actually reasonable.

Is what the culprit?

It turns out that people over 40 years old secrete a special substance called 2-nonenal on the skin surface, which may be produced by oxidation of certain types of sebum by bacteria on the skin surface.

This 2-nonenal has a special taste and smells like a mixture of fat and weed. It is also this subtle difference that enables people to accurately distinguish the difference in age.

[Old People’s Taste] May Be More Than One Taste,

In real life, the reason for heavy body odor is not so simple. There are many elderly friends whose body smell will be affected by their living habits and physical conditions over the years:

    The smell of long-term smoking and long-term drinking do not pay attention to personal hygiene, take less baths, emit fermented sweat odor, oral hygiene is not good, such as periodontal disease, etc. Some diseases that cause halitosis will also lead to changes in body odor, such as the edification of bad odor in living environment such as diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, etc.

Therefore, it is generally said that [old people’s flavor] is actually a mixture of various smells. The most embarrassing thing is that it is not easy for me to smell it myself. When others smell it, they are often not embarrassed to say it to the elderly.

There is a good way to avoid [the smell of old people].

Everyone wants to be close to others without obstacles, so keeping the fresh smell on one’s body should be a good start. How can one avoid the smell on one’s body?

1. Take a bath, which is the most important point.

Keeping your body clean is the most important thing. Use mild soap and shower gel to clean the excess grease on the skin surface, especially on the top of your head, behind your ears, armpits, chest and back, which are easy to accumulate grease and are easy to smell if not washed clean.

At the same time, the smell of smoke, alcohol, or other unpleasant body odor can also be washed away by bathing.

However, it should be noted that the older you get, the easier it will be for your skin to dry. Therefore, you should use moisturizing and moisturizing products in an appropriate amount after bathing, and you should also pay attention to moisturizing in your daily life.

2. Antiperspirant and antibacterial

In areas with heavy taste, such as armpits and feet, appropriate use of spray or antiperspirant lotion containing alum and other components can not only reduce the secretion of sweat glands and sebaceous glands, but also inhibit the growth of bacteria on the skin surface.

Step 3: Quit smoking and drinking

To quit smoking and drinking, in addition to the platitudes, you can get more health benefits. Quitting smoking and drinking can also make you smell comfortable. Relatives and friends will naturally be more willing to be close. In this way, it is never too late to quit smoking and drinking!

Step 4 Eliminate halitosis

Brush your teeth twice a day and eat less food with heavy smell. More importantly, you should wash your teeth regularly. Many old friends have periodontal disease, but you just don’t know it without examination. Regular tooth washing and examination can avoid tooth loss and make your mouth smell fresh and pleasant.

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Step 5: Treat systemic diseases

If you have the chronic and systemic diseases mentioned above, such as diabetes and kidney disease, you should go to the hospital in time. Treatment or control of various diseases is also very helpful to the improvement of body odor.

Step 6: Clean the Room

A clean environment will also have a clean taste.

We should always clean the living environment every day, don’t save too much useless sundries, so it is not easy to accumulate ash layer, and it is not easy to attract mice or parasitic insects. Clean up moldy and rotten articles, keep the home simple, and have more ventilation.

In this way, the windows of the room are bright and clean, how can there be any uncomfortable taste?

Step 7 Use perfume or spray

Don’t resist the use of perfume or fragrance spray. The fresh taste makes people feel excited. It is better to refresh yourself or think of the people around you. Try a little perfume when necessary. It can also make people feel energetic while attractive.