Is it true that exercise before feeding causes milk to stale? Eight Problems on Postpartum Exercise

1. Arthralgia during pregnancy did not disappear after delivery. What should I do?

Breastfeeding mothers secrete something called relaxin in their bodies to relax their joints. During activities, the joints are unstable, which easily leads to joint injury and may lead to arthralgia.

If there is arthralgia after delivery, you can try yoga or water exercise under the correct guidance. These exercises can not only enhance joint stability, but also strengthen the surrounding muscle strength and relieve joint pain.

If the effect is not obvious after a period of exercise and the pain still exists, then you should ask your doctor to find a solution.

Is it true that you cannot exercise before feeding?


Moderate exercise does not increase lactic acid levels in milk.

However, sports games increase sweat secretion, and babies do not like sweaty and salty breasts!

Therefore, wipe your chest clean or take a bath before breast feeding, so there is no problem.

3. I want to get back in 2 months, is it possible?

Every mother’s weight loss after childbirth will have a different rhythm, just as the speed of weight gain during pregnancy is also different.

The common rhythm is that it takes 9 months to lose weight after 9 months of weight gain during pregnancy, instead of losing weight after 9 months of weight gain and 2 months of weight gain.

If the baby is 9 months old and the mother’s weight is still not back before, you can try to combine exercise with healthy diet to help you lose extra meat.

4. What about waist pain after giving birth?

The posture of the mother holding the baby is very important. When holding the baby, keep the baby as close to your heart as possible (let the baby face himself, which can be assisted by the baby strap).

In addition, you must use the baby car seat when driving. If you hold the child in the car, there will not only be potential safety hazards, but also cause the mother to be overworked and suffer from waist pain.

Most importantly, mothers should often check their posture: remind themselves to relax their shoulders, open their breasts and tighten their abdomen (tighten their abdomen to feel their navel close to their spine).

5. How long can I start exercising after giving birth?

In response to this problem, doctors’ advice may vary for parturients in different situations.

If there is no cesarean section or no physical injury during childbirth, and a certain amount of exercise is maintained during pregnancy, exercise will begin a few days after childbirth without discomfort.

However, if the mother underwent cesarean section or suffered physical injury during childbirth, she should not worry. When the body recovers almost, the doctor also feels that there is no problem and it is not too late to exercise again.

In addition to walking exercises, mothers can start with [transverse abdominal muscle training] (inhaling hard in the abdomen to tighten your navel as much as possible and press it against the spine), [Kegel exercise] and [chest enlargement exercise].

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6. What can I do to exercise after giving birth?

As long as the doctor allows and feels fine, mothers can run properly. The distance of running is determined by personal circumstances.

After running, you can continue to do [abdominal muscle training] (press your navel hard against your spine) and maintain [Kegel exercise] to improve your pelvic floor muscles.

After running or exercising, muscles may become tight. At this time, you can walk and relax your muscles.

After walking for a while and relaxing, you can do another abdominal exercise, improve pelvic floor muscles and run.

7. How to start abdominal activities after cesarean section?

Many women do not know that doctors seldom cut off abdominal muscles during cesarean section, but usually push abdominal muscles aside.

Therefore, for mothers undergoing cesarean section:

First: Don’t imagine that your abdominal muscles have been cut in half. The truth is not the case.

Second, continue [transverse abdominal muscle training]: tighten the abdomen with force so that the navel leans against the spine and then relaxes.

Mothers can start exercising when they feel that they can exercise, usually before they are discharged from hospital! Early exercise can help mothers recover faster.

8. Postpartum a few months, exercise can still urinary incontinence how to do

During pregnancy, the bladder and pelvic floor muscles of the pregnant mother will undergo some changes, and the relaxation of ligaments and other structures will lead to the inability to urinate autonomously, especially in cases of cough and constipation.

If the mother has given birth to the child for several months, but urinary incontinence still occurs, it is abnormal. She should consult a doctor and carry out correct recovery treatment. Most of them can easily relieve the symptoms.

It is better to regard postpartum exercise as a good way to combat postpartum depression than to regard it as [should].

Being a new mother is very stressful and emotional. To soften your mood, exercise is a good way.

Even if you walk around the neighborhood more, you will find how good it feels.