Is Lunar Disease a Good Advice or a Curse?

Chinese women give birth to children, You can’t get away from the moon. Sit or not, There must be something to do with it. Leave it to the past, Anyway, the elders will do whatever they say. But with the popularization of various medical knowledge, Many people come to realize that, Although it is necessary for the body to undergo puerperal recovery and adjustment after delivery, But the so-called confinement in the past, There are many rules and regulations that are actually very pesky, Doing so will not bring health benefits. Therefore, Many people began to modernize [confinement], That is, a reasonable puerperal recovery. But when you want to break the tradition, But there are always people who jump out and give some [good] warnings. One of the most impressive is [Lunar Disease]. There is no formal medical teaching materials and research literature on [Lunar Disease]. It is impossible to find the so-called “lunar disease”, Therefore, I can only check on the Internet. Lunar disease probably means: If you don’t have a confinement as traditionally required, You will be infected with some diseases during your confinement. These diseases will be very stubborn, In any case, it cannot be cured. Will be with you for the rest of your life. The only effective cure, It is to have another child and then have a confinement as required. I think this [confinement disease] is more like a threat and a curse-people can catch diseases at any time, and confinement is no exception. However, it is not a curse but what to say that the disease in confinement cannot be cured and will last for a lifetime? The so-called [lunar disease] is not the characteristic of [disease] after saying [lunar disease], Let’s look at the main performance again. In fact, The traditional so-called “lunar disease”, More like a general term for many symptoms, It is not a disease. Let’s take a look at it as an example: 1. Waist soreness and leg pain Waist soreness and leg pain may be the most common [lunar disease]. It is said that, You can’t move, you can’t be tired, you can’t take a bath, Otherwise, it will hurt your waist and legs if it rains on cloudy days. In fact, Lumbago is a common symptom during pregnancy and childbirth. Especially in the third trimester of pregnancy and puerperium: Lumbago: Enlarged uterus, The body’s center of gravity will move forward, At the same time, the changes of hormones during pregnancy and childbirth, It will increase the mobility of sacroiliac joint, sacrococcygeal joint and pubic symphysis. So many people will have waist discomfort. Leg pain: During labor, The fetal head descends in the pelvic cavity, Compression of the lumbosacral plexus radiates to one or both legs, There is obvious neuralgia or spasmodic pain. This kind of waist and leg pain will continue until postpartum. Some have muscle paralysis. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand the above explanation, As long as you know, These are actually normal changes in the motor system during pregnancy and childbirth, This kind of discomfort is not a disease. Many women always feel that after puerperium, there will still be waist soreness and leg pain. It has nothing to do with observing [the taboo of confinement]. The new mother has to take care of the children. More than the amount of labor during pregnancy, plus do not pay attention to posture, it is easy to damage the waist, just like people who often do heavy work easy waist bad. This kind of situation, as long as attention to posture during pregnancy and postpartum, protect the waist, can get a good relief. For example: squat down to pick up things, instead of bending down to pick up; When sitting for a long time, take a pillow to put on your waist. Prepare a higher diaper table, Avoid bending over to change diapers all the time. 2. Arm discomfort during pregnancy and postpartum arm discomfort is also a physiological change: The enlarged uterus during pregnancy causes lordosis, The neck is extended forward, the scapula is drooped, Could pull to the ulnar and median nerves, It has nothing to do with washing hands in cold water. When the puerperal period is over, After all the major systems of exercise, bone, endocrine, nerve and so on have returned to normal, This discomfort will naturally disappear, There will be no sequelae. Some people say: I still have a pain in my arm several months after giving birth. This has nothing to do with [confinement]. Now most new mothers lack exercise before childbirth. Weak arm strength, After giving birth, we should hold the child, nurse the baby, It is a great test of arm strength, So many people have arm discomfort. 3. Eye discomfort is another way of saying, You can’t watch your cell phone or computer during the month. Some said that they could not watch TV either, Otherwise, you will fall into eye diseases. I can assure you, Such taboos will certainly not be left behind by our ancestors, Because they don’t know what cell phones and computers are. Whether you are in the moon or not, After staring at the shiny screen for a long time, Will have eye discomfort, This has nothing to do with confinement. If it really causes eye diseases, Is it in the moon, It’s all the same. [Lunar disease] is actually [heart disease] Lunar disease is certainly difficult to treat, Because this is a [heart disease] in itself. Some people may say, It’s no use talking nonsense here for a long time, I just didn’t have a good rest, with cold water, Left behind the root of the disease, It hurts my arm when it rains on a cloudy day. In fact, This kind of personal experience is probably a common intuitive mistake. Not every cloudy day and rain will cause arm pain, But it is easier for you to remember when it hurts. If you happen to believe in [confinement taboo], It must be that the confinement is not seated properly, The root of the disease.] There are many such intuitive mistakes, For example, [buses that want to take always don’t come], Because of such things as [the bus you want to take is coming soon], It was so comfortable, There is no interest in memory at all. After giving birth to a child, there are still decades to go in life. For such a long time, there will always be various discomforts. No matter whether a woman has a child or not, or whether she has a confinement or not, people will get sick. What’s discomfort cannot be attributed to confinement just because she has given birth to a child. Can bed rest be cured? Of course not. First of all, The biggest recovery factor is the changes in hormone levels and various organs during puerperium. As your uterus gradually shrinks to its pre-pregnancy size, Hormone levels gradually returned to normal, After the source of discomfort disappears, The body will naturally get used to it. Secondly, As women’s postpartum blood is in a hypercoagulable state, Long-term bed rest is easy to form lower limb venous thrombosis, Even cause pulmonary embolism, life-threatening. Therefore, we not only do not recommend absolute bed rest in the month, but also encourage parturients to get out of bed. The recovery of puerperal period should be scientifically said so much, not to ask you not to rest after giving birth to the child. The recovery of puerperal period should be paid attention to by every parturient, such as: breastfeeding is recommended; Balanced diet and nutrition; Pay attention to personal cleaning (especially perineal cleaning); Get out of bed as much as possible; Ensure adequate sleep; Sufficient psychological adjustment. So, Should be scientific [confinement], Instead of following the taboo of “causing trouble”. Many symptoms of the so-called “lunar disease”, In fact, it is related to the pregnancy and childbirth, That is to say, as long as you are pregnant and have a child, Many will have such symptoms, But it has little to do with whether those taboos are followed. Diseases that are really easy to occur during puerperium and postpartum, Such as puerperal infection, breast pain, mastitis, Nor can it be avoided by following taboos. Moreover, To avoid these diseases, Strict observance of [taboos] can backfire. Even if puerperal diseases occur, It can also be treated by medical means and will not affect the long-term quality of life. [Lunar Disease] has no medical basis at all. There is no need to add a psychological shackle to yourself for the statement of Lunar Disease. You should believe that medicine is used to help you, not to curse you.