Office workers do this, and the children they educate are no worse than stay-at-home mothers.

Ding Ma said:

Due to the relationship between the national conditions, most families in our country are now dual-worker families. Both husband and wife usually take care of both ends of the working family and often neglect the discipline of their children, resulting in many educational problems for children, even more indifferent parent-child relationship and many modern parent-child diseases. This is not only a family problem, but also a social problem.

Next, let’s talk about how families with two employees should properly handle the relationship between work and family.

Is Xiong Haizi in trouble? Scientific parenting to help

Nowadays, children [have too many things], and parents who run on both sides of the working family often feel that they do not have enough energy. Knowing some scientific parenting methods at this time will make you worry too much.

    Learn basic disease management knowledge: such as fever, diarrhea, cough, cold and so on how to deal with, know which situations must go to the hospital. If you can handle them at home, don’t run to the hospital with great fanfare. Children don’t have to suffer and adults don’t have to toss and turn. Help children form good habits from an early age: for example, you don’t have to chase after them when eating. For example, brushing your teeth from an early age can avoid the trouble of running to the hospital due to tooth decay. For example, pay attention to safety and reduce the occurrence of accidents; For example, reading picture books will make you no longer panic and only grace when you sleep at night. All kinds of parenting artifacts should be used: for example, diapers do not have to fight for diaper washing every day; For example, the stroller does not need to carry the child to travel so tired that the waist is sore and backache. For example, healthy finished complementary foods can free your hands when you are too tired to cook. For example, a safe floor mat can allow children to play alone for a while and have a rest for themselves.

You can also pay attention to [love mother] (micro signal: dingxiangmami) and continuously improved your [mommy parenting treasure book].

In a word, scientific parenting can make you feel confident and calm when things happen, and can also make your parenting style simpler and more effective.

There are many problems in intergenerational rearing. How can we break them?

Most dual-career families are old people taking care of their children, but this way is also criticized in many ways, such as children being doted on and lacking discipline. Old people do not like to take their children out and dare not let go.

The children brought out in this way have many problems. The couple often conflict with the elderly on education issues, and the stability and harmony of the family are also challenged.

If you are also exhausted by this, try the following principles:

    Parents Dominate Education Parenting Education or Parents Dominate Education, The elderly give priority to taking care of their lives. Even if they meet with capable grandparents, Mom and Dad can’t give up, Otherwise, problems will arise sooner or later. Always be grateful for the help of the elderly. Do well and praise it more. If you don’t understand, you should be patient in teaching… People are not voluntary labor, right? Communicate the principles of educating children in advance, such as which bottom lines cannot be touched, Which can be handled flexibly. In life, What do you want the old man to do, Tell the old man in advance, To present the pros and cons of the matter in a pleasant manner, For example, take out [clove mother] and read it to the old man (* _ _ *), No shouting, Can’t be autocratic. Parents should be scientific in raising their children, learn more, and know the correct feeding and education methods. If you are in a mess, You are not qualified to restrict others from raising objections. To put it bluntly, First of all, you have to be strong enough. Whoever’s parents will convince different opinions about the elderly, Try to convince [whose parents will convince]. Although the ideas are different, But everyone’s original intention is the same, All want to take good care of the children, We can certainly understand each other. The whole family has the same educational philosophy. Parents cannot be too strict. The old man can’t just protect his faults. If you can muddle along, you don’t have to go up to the top of the line. Sometimes the old man has not done well enough. For example, give a snack, watch a TV, and occasionally chase after feeding, don’t blame, focus on the big, let go of the small. Mobilize the husband to deal with the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law rational handling of conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, give full play to the function of husband double-sided tape. Praise the elderly in front of people, credit the children’s achievements to the elderly, sweet mouth, can’t eat losses.

There are no perfect children and no perfect parents, so there is no need to criticize the elderly. Since you can’t take the children home by yourself, you must grasp the big and let the small go, and thank the old people for their efforts. You know, the children you bring out with your own hands are not necessarily without problems.

How can I find time to accompany my children?

Parents of dual-career workers have already occupied a lot of time in their daily work, and the time they can spend with their children is very little, almost only at night and on weekends. However, there is always no way to improve efficiency and there are clever ways to improve efficiency.

    Try not to take your work home and put your whole heart at home when you are at home. Remind yourself of this principle at all times. It will greatly improve your work efficiency. The reasonable division of housework cannot be entirely attributed to one person. It is the best state to do housework. Infect the other party with your own actions, and use your actions to drive the other party to share the housework together. With the help of foreign aid, if necessary, hire a part-time worker. Outsource all the things that can be outsourced, leaving only the most important and irreplaceable things to yourself. Don’t hold on to your mobile phone when it is time to rest. How can you cope with Xiong Haizi without enough rest? Take the initiative to take a bath, change clothes, tell bedtime stories, These are all opportunities to spend time with children. () Making full use of weekends and weekends can help the elderly to bear more housework and parents to strive for more time with their children. If the family cooks for themselves, prepare the recipes in advance so that they will not be in a hurry after going to battle.

How to accompany children with high quality?

We work hard for the happiness of our family and children. If we neglect our family and children’s growth because of our work, is it not putting the cart before the horse?

Studies have shown that, The proportion of children who grow up beside the elderly or nannies with psychological problems is increasing at a rate of 10% every year. In families with two employees, parents often choose to use money or material to make up for the lack of time because they cannot participate in their children’s education, which is exactly the root of other educational problems.

So, what should we do to accompany our children with high quality and make up for the lack of time after work and in the limited time?

It is not difficult, in fact, from the moment you step into your house after work every day, your interaction starts:

    Take the children to prepare dinner together; Accompany the child to eat together, is the baby to feed the baby, is the big child to chat with the child (not interrogation, not scolding); Walking together after the meal, or holding, or holding; Bathe a child; Tell children bedtime stories and sing songs. Lie in bed and watch the moon together until the child falls asleep. The child woke up at night, got up and patted him, telling him not to be afraid, mother (father) is there; On weekends, take the children to the supermarket for shopping, to the amusement park, and to have a good meal. The older child will exercise with him, and the younger baby will let him watch you exercise nearby. Teach him to draw, show him fish, fountains, kites and puppies. … …

At the end of the day, the company given to children can take place in daily life, all of which are the invisible minutes. Accompanying children, what is missing is not time, but mind. As long as you have this mind, you are always accompanied everywhere.

Finally, I would like to say that I can live my life in any way.

You can take care of your children full-time at home, or both of you can go to work. The greatest influence on your children lies not in the form of your existence, but in whether you are gradually becoming a better person, a person more worthy of family trust and children’s respect in this form.

Only when you have grasped the rhythm of life and become an example for your children can you influence your children imperceptibly and give them positive guidance. This is the best education.

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