Is sleeping on the table bad for your health? Three Frequently Asked Questions about Napping

Don’t sleep at noon, collapse in the afternoon?

Many people have the habit of taking a nap, but Dr. Clove has seen readers leave messages more than once saying that they will still feel uncomfortable after taking a nap, such as numbness of hands and feet, yawning, etc.

Why did you feel uncomfortable after sleeping?

However, there are still some people who have never had the habit of taking a nap, but they have heard people say that not taking a nap is not good for their health.

So, do you want to sleep in the afternoon?

Dr. Clove will talk about 3 common questions about taking a nap today.

Lying on the table and taking a nap, I felt uncomfortable all over?

When you sleep, you feel uncomfortable and drool. Why?

When I saw the reader’s message, Dr. Clove remembered his love of learning. Every time I woke up from a nap in the library, my hands were numb, my face was numb, and the whole library had double images.

… …

After taking a nap, will your eyes be blind together?

Of course, after sleeping many times in the library, one day, Dr. Clove, who loves learning, finally realized that all this was because my sleeping posture was too fascinating!

At that time, the posture was probably… lying directly on the table and sleeping with his head and arms on his head.

This is estimated to be the usual nap posture of many people, the same is true of Dr. Clove in those days. And it is precisely this sleeping posture that will lead to numbness and soreness of hands and faces. Over time, it may also cause local nerve paralysis. Moreover, this movement will also oppress the eyeballs and affect breathing.

So what does the correct posture look like for a nap?

If conditions permit, lie on the bed or sofa or couch to sleep.

At this time, you may shake your head helplessly: Where did you get the bed or the reclining chair?

Dr. Clove has heard more than once that people will bring folding beds to the company to take a nap, and many companies will also have rest areas, sofas and reclining chairs. To take a step back, find a conference room and put together some chairs to sleep.

Without these conditions, you can close your eyes and sit in the office chair for a while.

It should not be too difficult to sleep in this posture, after all, it is not uncommon to sleep in a stop on a bus. Of course, you must first ensure that you are sitting in a chair with a backrest. In order to sleep more comfortably, you can also add a U-shaped pillow.

If you must sleep on your stomach…

It is best to put a softer pillow on it and free your arms and face at the same time.

Why do you sleep more and more sleepy in your nap?

When I fell asleep, I yawned and my head hurt a little. Why?

Similar problems generally occur because you sleep too long.

Some sleep experts have long told us:

A 10-20 minute nap is most conducive to the recovery of brain function. If you sleep too long, for example, for more than one hour, it is better not to sleep.

If you sleep too long, even if you wake up, your body may be in a state of [not wanting to wake up]. This phenomenon is medically called [sleep inertia], and the general feeling is: being tired, unable to open your eyes, still wanting to sleep, not wanting to move, losing your mind, etc.

It is better to put on an alarm when taking a nap, and don’t wait for the natural awakening.

Of course, if you don’t feel uncomfortable with what no matter how and how long you sleep, then you may be the lucky one who is fearless. You can ignore what Dr. Clove said.

Do you want to take a nap or not?

In fact, I am not used to taking a nap, but many people say it is not good for my health.

Whether to take a nap or not depends on one’s personal habits and has little effect on one’s health.

Some people are in high spirits after six hours of sleep a day, while others may not be able to sleep enough after nine hours. However, the elderly and infants, due to their special sleep habits, also take more naps.

Therefore, if you already want to relax your brain through lunch break, then sleep. If you don’t have the habit of taking a nap, you might as well listen to songs and talk more with Dr. Clove.