Is the baby crying again? 4 Ways to Teach You to Master [Crying Stop Method]

Crying is the most important way for newborn babies to communicate with the world. TA people seek help from their parents through crying. They also express their emotions and consume energy through crying. New parents often cannot distinguish the different cries of newborns, but as they spend more time together, parents can easily distinguish the different cries.

Psychological Construction of Parents

Xinke’s parents often feel confused about the crying baby, and even feel very guilty and remorse because they cannot appease the baby.

On the one hand, the crying of the baby does not directly indicate that the child has been abused or the baby is in a sad state. Parents should not be angry because of the crying of the child. On the other hand, newborns are very sensitive to parents’ emotional perception. If parents are very nervous and anxious, children often feel the anxiety of parents and cry more severely.

Therefore, the family taking care of the children should keep a good mood.

In the baby’s newborn period, the mother is also in the puerperal recovery state, this time the mood is often unstable. If the mother is anxious because of the child’s crying, it is recommended to seek the help of her TA person in the family, instead of taking care of the child with emotion.

Recognize emergency situations that require medical treatment.

If the crying baby has one of the following conditions, it is necessary to pay attention to whether he is ill, please see a doctor in time: