Is there a really safe diet pill?

Recently, CCTV < < Focus Interview > > revealed that a girl who was about to put on her wedding clothes died suddenly because she took online weight loss capsules. The girl’s happiness also ended, making people sigh.

Many girls want to be thinner. Although most of them hold a wait-and-see attitude towards weight-loss drugs, many girls still buy weight-loss drugs in order to reach their ideal figure in a short period of time. Most of the purchases are made through the Internet, TV advertisements and some beauty clinics.

Is there a really safe diet pill? The sensible girl will certainly answer no, indeed not yet.

The diet pills on the market fall into the following categories

1. No prohibited ingredients and no effect,

This kind of diet will let you cooperate with recipes or exercises, and most of them are in beauty salons. Such diet pills may not be harmful to the body, but they are definitely not helpful to lose weight.

2. Laxatives

This kind of weight-loss medicine is mostly under the banner of detoxification, clearing intestines and clearing stool. The most direct effect is that you will go to the toilet continuously. You wish to stick to the toilet and put a fart with excrement. According to the amount you eat, the degree of diarrhea will be different. You will find that your weight is really light, but your face is not good, and your stomach seems to turn sour.

This kind of diet medicine contains phenolphthalein, bisacodine, senna leaf, cassia seed and so on. Their function is to stimulate your large intestine, let you drop thousands of miles. However, it does not affect your small intestine to absorb nutrition. Therefore, the biggest side effect is that it will make you dehydrated, produce drug dependence, and finally secondary constipation, colon blackening and even canceration.

3. Appetite Suppressants

Controlling your appetite can make you thin, so there are these appetite-suppressing diet pills. Sounds safe and achieves the goal of eating less. In fact, these diet pills usually achieve their goal by controlling the central nervous system, and most of them will have side effects.

For example, the well-known sibutramine, which has been banned as a diet drug, will harm the heart. The main side effects include palpitations, constipation, dry mouth, dizziness, insomnia, etc. The famous diet drug Trimester was also taken off the shelf for this reason.

Another example is the girl reported by CCTV this time. A large amount of fluoxetine was detected in her body. The trade name of fluoxetine is Prozac, which is mainly used to treat depression and sometimes used to treat bulimia. However, long-term administration will accumulate in her body. Excessive administration will cause poisoning, respiratory depression, failure and even death.

In addition, fenfluramine hydrochloride and amphetamine have also been stopped by the State Food and Drug Administration due to serious side effects. Although orlistat does not affect the central nervous system, it is also recommended to be used cautiously.

There are also some diuretics added, Clinically, it is mainly used to treat hypertension patients without complications. Diuretics are used in diet drugs to temporarily reduce body weight through dehydration, but fat does not decrease. After stopping using diuretics, body weight will rise. Moreover, taking diuretics will cause vomiting, dizziness, weakness, kidney function damage caused by blood pressure drop and even life-threatening.

Most of the weight-loss drugs sold online in what, Thailand and Japan are prohibited drugs. How careful are you when buying them?

In addition to placing hopes on weight-loss drugs, in real life, it is not uncommon for health problems to occur due to blind weight loss: anorexia nervosa caused by excessive weight loss; There are malnutrition caused by excessive diet; Some have rebounded due to the adoption of strict diets, which are all consequences of unscientific weight loss.

People with basic health knowledge all know that the most effective and safest way to lose body fat and maintain normal weight is to combine exercise and diet control reasonably. The consensus of medical nutrition experts is that adjusting diet structure, controlling calorie intake and reasonable exercise are the main means to lose weight, while drugs are in an auxiliary position.

The concept of “die if you don’t lose weight” is very extreme. Health is the foundation of everything. I also hope that all beauty lovers, especially young women, have a scientific understanding of weight loss.