Is there always acid water in your mouth? Try these six suggestions

First, change eating habits

In short, master the following key words:

    Low-fat and high-protein diet: for example, don’t eat chicken skin when eating chicken; Eat less and eat more; Eat slowly: Stop eating until you feel full.

Second, avoid acid-resistant food

Pay attention to your diet. Avoid and do not eat foods that will aggravate your acid regurgitation. Common foods that may induce acid regurgitation include:

    Coffee and tea, even those without caffeine, also have an impact. Any carbonated beverage or caffeinated beverage; Alcohol; Citrus fruits, such as oranges and lemons; Tomatoes and some foods containing ketchup; Chocolate; Mint; Spicy foods, such as chili, curry, onion and garlic; High-fat foods.

Third, adjust sleep habits

1. Raise the height of the head of the bed by 10 ~ 15cm, and add objects under the leg of the bed corresponding to the position of the head when sleeping to increase the height.

It is not recommended to directly pad pillows on the head and neck to increase this height. On the one hand, it does not work. On the other hand, this sleeping posture will make the stomach bear more pressure, which is counterproductive.

2. Don’t eat for 2 ~ 3 hours before going to bed.

3. If it’s just a nap, people with acid regurgitation problems will sleep better in the reclining chair than in bed.

Four, dress should be loose and moderate

When choosing clothes, you should be loose and comfortable. Don’t wear clothes that are too tight, have a strong sense of restraint and are uncomfortable.

Don’t tie your belt too tightly.

Five, weight loss

Obesity can cause compression on internal organs, such as the stomach.

Losing weight can help alleviate the problem of acid regurgitation.

Six, quit smoking and limit alcohol

Smoking and drinking will aggravate acid regurgitation.

Although it is difficult to change a habit, try several times more and you will always find a suitable way to quit smoking. Alcohol will irritate your stomach, and reducing drinking can reduce irritation. Persist and you will succeed.

When necessary, you can also seek the help of a doctor and give up smoking or drinking under the guidance of a doctor.

Of course, if you want to see a doctor in time in case of any of the following situations, ask a doctor for help:

1. The problem of acid regurgitation is becoming more and more serious;

2. When swallowing food, the throat will feel pain;

3. Hematemesis;

4. Unexplained weight loss;

5. After taking over-the-counter stomach drugs for two weeks, the problem of acid regurgitation did not improve either.

6. Accompanied by severe stomachache;

7. The problem of acid reflux affects your daily work and life.