It’s getting colder and colder. Can eating what warm up your body?

Watching the weather get colder and colder day by day.

In addition to rubbing hands and feet, and taking some bed exercises to warm up, the big guy also wondered if he could eat some what to warm up his body. For example, eat chocolate and chili, or drink brown sugar, ginger water and wine from what?

On this issue, Dr. Clove specially invited Teacher Fan to talk to everyone today.

What people are especially afraid of cold?

There are 1,000 people, about 1,000 winter temperatures. Some people are clearly frozen to the ground, wearing autumn clothes, trousers and wool socks, but the people beside them still show their long legs and are fearless.

This is not all because some people forget the cold snap for the sake of romance, but everyone’s cold resistance is indeed different, and some people are bound to be more afraid of the cold, such as-

    People with hypothyroidism; People who eat less and often do not have enough to eat; People with anemia, hypotension and poor blood circulation ability; A person with few muscles; People who don’t eat enough protein.

Since you are afraid of the cold, how about eating some widely circulated warm food, such as chocolate, brown sugar and ginger water?

Well, not so good.

Chocolate, brown sugar and ginger water, actually not very good

Don’t feel sad when looking down… … …

1. Chocolate

The sweet chocolate we usually eat contains about 55% sugar, 40% fat and 5% water, while the protein is only about 5%.

Why do you want to tell everyone about the proportion of these ingredients?

Because when it comes to warming the body, we have to look at the [food thermal effect] of each ingredient. It doesn’t matter if this concept is specifically what. Just remember that the higher the food thermal effect, the more suitable it is for warming the body.

The thermal effect of protein is 30%, while that of sugar and fat is only about 5%, which is a bit embarrassing.

In other words, most of the ingredients in chocolate cannot warm up the body. And caffeine in it does slightly improve the basal metabolic rate, but sweet chocolate has less cocoa and caffeine, so the warm-up effect is basically negligible.

2. Brown Sugar and Ginger Water

This is even more embarrassing.

Ginger has a relatively small effect, while sugar has almost no function of what to make the body warm. Therefore, when we put two useless things together and cook them, miracles did not happen and the result was still useless.

Of course, it is OK to drink a bowl of brown sugar and ginger water to warm your hands.

The food that can really warm up is here!

1. Protein-rich foods

Protein [thermal effect] is high, which can help the body heat up after eating.

As for which foods are rich in protein and how to match them well every day, Dr. Clove has also prepared them for everyone: click here to teach you to eat protein!

Seeing here, some people may want to ask, what about eating protein powder directly?

Protein powder does add protein, also can yet be regarded as a choice. However, for some people, it is not the best choice. Because eating red meat such as beef and mutton directly, in addition to eating a large amount of high-quality protein, they can also provide heme iron, saturated fat, etc., which is a better choice for people who are afraid of cold due to anemia and hypotension.

2. Dairy products

For people with calcium deficiency, dairy products can also help keep out the cold.

Eating dairy products with high calcium content, such as hot milk, yogurt warm to body temperature and cheese, is not only helpful for warming up, but also conducive to slimming down.

Step 3: Pepper and Wine

Pepper and wine did not disappoint everyone at last. They can effectively promote blood circulation and heat up the body. Also having the same effect include pepper, anise, scallion, ginger, garlic, etc.


Drinking alcohol cannot be used as a way to resist cold for a long time, because once the heat of alcohol has passed, blood vessels will contract, and people will feel colder. Moreover, drinking too much wine will bring all kinds of bad things to the body, so don’t indulge yourself in drinking today and getting drunk today under the banner of keeping out the cold.

Finally, three more points

Having said so much is not to make everyone eat meat and drink every day, nor is it to say that as long as you eat like this, you can keep out the cold 100%. It just gives everyone more choices, and there is still much to be done to warm yourself up.

1. If you want to warm your body, you must first ensure the normal digestion function of your body.

If the digestion is not good, it is basically useless to eat good food, because the body can’t use it at all. After a long time, the face turns yellow and the body is afraid of cold what, not to mention it.

2. Healthy food always varies from person to person.

People who are afraid of cold eat more beef and mutton, and their bodies will really feel warmer, but this does not mean that people with hypertension and hyperlipidemia also need to eat so much red meat. After all, we still have to choose between [warming up] and [increasing the risk of disease].

To take a step back, even people who are a little afraid of the cold cannot just eat meat and not vegetables. The food must be diversified.

In addition to ensuring protein, exercise is essential.

Exercise is to increase muscle strength.

In life, we always joke that fat people are not afraid of cold because they are protected by fat. In fact, although many fat people with less muscle have a thick layer of fat [heat preservation], they are no more frost resistant than others.

It is not fat but muscle that can really resist cold.

In winter, we often move, do some muscle-building exercises, and improve nutrition to make our muscles stronger and have real cold resistance. This is the best, most reliable and most long-term warm-up measure.