[kangaroo essence] that can [strengthen yang]? Kangaroos are still so magical?

People’s pursuit of nutritional supplements is really one after another. Grape seeds and cranberries have just been spared, and now Australian kangaroo essence is popular to strengthen yang.

What is kangaroo essence?

According to the introduction on the packaging of kangaroo essence products, its effective ingredient is kangaroo meat powder, each piece is equivalent to 6,000 milligrams of kangaroo meat. According to the logic of “concentration is essence”, this health product is named kangaroo essence.

Judging from the nutritional composition table, kangaroo meat is indeed high in protein and low in fat, but it is only lean meat.

Australian Experts Remind Consumers:

No studies or clinical trials have shown that eating kangaroo meat can treat erectile dysfunction or improve sexual ability.

The Australian Fair Competition and Consumer Council (ACCC) also issued a statement as early as 2011:

Nine times out of ten, kangaroo products printed in Chinese on the packaging cheat consumers with exaggerated words.

In other words, these so-called [effective] are just [merchants say effective] [you think effective] [Lao Wang next door says effective].

Instead of spending a lot of money on kangaroo meat powder to supplement protein, it is better to go out and turn right to the supermarket to buy a piece of lean meat to stew.

Kangaroo essence is only used for export in Australia.

Health products that have not been verified by clinical trials cannot be registered and certified to enter the market.

At present, the Australian Therapeutic Products Administration (TGA) has only approved two kinds of kangaroo essence products and clearly marked [Export Only], so it is illegal to sell kangaroo essence in local pharmacies or duty-free shops in Australia, and the so-called [purchasing on behalf of Australia] is illegal.

Let’s search the databases of FDA and China’s Food and Drug Administration again. If we don’t search, we don’t know. After searching, we found that we can’t find any [kangaroo essence] products under the categories of dietary supplements or health food.

Ha ha, do you dare to eat this product?

Side effects of kangaroo sperm

The slogan of kangaroo essence is full of descriptions like [pure natural] [no side effects].

Well, if it’s really just a placebo with no side effects, forget it, but other drugs are added to it.


At the end of 2015, FDA detected the drug ingredient [sildenafil] in kangaroo sperm products. FDA issued a special statement to remind consumers not to buy such products that can enhance sexual function under the banner of [pure natural], and also encouraged everyone to report more.

Sildenafil is the main ingredient of Viagra, or what we often call Viagra, and is a prescription drug. If you take nitroglycerin and other drugs at the same time, the two will react to cause a sharp drop in blood pressure and cause danger. Patients with diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and heart disease taking such drugs need special attention.


According to Hong Kong media reports, some kangaroo sperm products also contain [testosterone]. This male hormone is produced by men themselves. Once ingested in excess from the outside world, it will inhibit their hormone secretion, reduce testis production of sperm and affect reproductive ability.

I thought you only wanted to make money, but you still had to kill yourself.

How can kangaroos be associated with [aphrodisiac]?

The usual slogan of kangaroo essence health care products is: [A male kangaroo will mate with 40 female kangaroos in his life and produce more than twice as much semen as a bull].

At first glance, I feel that kangaroos have strong sexual desire and reproductive ability, but kangaroos have strong reproductive ability, which does not mean that you will become stronger after eating kangaroo essence.

In addition, even if kangaroo essence can enhance sexual desire, unfortunately, enhancing sexual desire is not the core of treating erectile dysfunction. Otherwise, how can so many people explain it?

To put it bluntly, the psychosexuality of kangaroo essence [magic] effect is the same as the superstition of tiger whip wine and rhinoceros horn. It is a primitive logic of “supplementing shape with shape”. It is hoped that by eating [powerful] animals, one can obtain the same sexual ability as this animal.

In a word, kangaroo essence is not credible, and it is the most reliable way to consult a doctor in a regular hospital if you have [something to say].

Kangaroo very not easy to cultivate into fine, can’t let others go? Besides, wouldn’t it be embarrassing if your girlfriend knew you were secretly taking these [aphrodisiac drugs]?