Can I still eat fruit with diabetes?

It’s the season when fruits are on the market in large quantities again. Whenever this time comes, there are always sugar lovers sighing like this:

I haven’t eaten fruit since I got diabetes.

Is it true that sugar lovers cannot eat fruit?

In fact, if blood sugar is well controlled, sugar lovers can eat fruits in an appropriate amount.

However, what to eat and how to eat are important.

Today, Dr. Clove will tell you how sugar lovers eat fruits scientifically.

Four Notes for Sugar Friends to Eat Fruits

1. Which sugar lovers can eat fruit

Because fruit still has certain influence on blood sugar, so, only sugar friends with good blood sugar control can eat fruit. For sugar friends with poor blood sugar control, it is not too late to stop your mouth, take your legs, use good medicine, and control your blood sugar before eating fruit.

Ask your doctor if your blood sugar level is up to standard and if you can eat fruit. Or, sugar lovers can refer to the following criteria:

    Fasting blood glucose ≤ 7.0 mmol/L; Random blood glucose ≤ 10.0 mmol/L; Glycosylated hemoglobin ≤ 7.5%.

2. Fruit Varieties

Different varieties have different effects on blood sugar and sugar content. We should try our best to choose varieties with little influence on blood sugar and low sugar content.

It should be reminded that there are individual differences in the effect of fruits on blood sugar, so the most accurate method is to measure blood sugar to judge the effect of a certain fruit on one’s blood sugar.

If you eat a certain fruit, your blood sugar will rise very fast. Next time you eat this fruit, you should reduce or choose other varieties with little effect on blood sugar and low sugar content.

3. Eat the amount of fruit

Sugar friends can’t eat too much fruit. When eating fruit, they should limit it to 100 ~ 200 grams per day, and they should eat it in batches. For example, eat 100 grams in the morning and 100 grams in the afternoon.

If sugar lovers eat fruit, they should reduce the staple food. For example, if you eat 100 grams of fruit, you will eat two fewer staple foods in the next meal.

If sugar lovers change their recipes and replace staple food with fruits, they also need to monitor the blood sugar after meals and master their own blood sugar, so that they can eat fruits at ease.

Step 4: Time to Eat Fruit

Sugar lovers are advised to eat fruit between meals instead of eating fruit immediately after meals, so as not to increase blood sugar too much.

Next, Dr. Clove will give you an analysis of whether various fruits can be eaten and, if so, how much.

Perhaps some sugar friends panicked after reading this article:

What should I do? I just ate a few litchi greedily. Does it have a great influence on blood sugar?

Oh, no, I just didn’t hold back and ate a pineapple from my friend!

Although we have listed fruits that are not recommended for sugar lovers, such as bananas, pineapples and litchi.However, if sugar lovers cannot help but be greedy,Eat a little occasionally, don’t worry too much.

Sugar lovers should not eat these fruits that have a great impact on blood sugar.

I hope this article can bring a delicious summer with stable blood sugar to sugar lovers.