Let sports integrate into life and get rid of the three highs completely.

Everyone knows that exercise is an important means to maintain vitality, keep fit and stay away from the “three highs”.

However, many office workers will complain that [they are too busy at work and have no time to exercise]. In fact, as long as they are willing, they have a lot of time to move in their lives and work. There is no need to deliberately find time to exercise. You can choose to spread your exercise time throughout your day.

Dr. Clove will introduce you to some ways to exercise at home and at work, to integrate exercise into life and to keep healthy forever.

Some small details, can also exercise at home

Exercise at home is a convenient, comfortable and safe choice. You can combine exercise with other things, such as watching TV while exercising. You can buy fitness equipment at home and benefit the whole family at one time.

It is also easier to exercise a small number of times a day at home.

  1. Doing housework and walking the dog are very good ways to exercise.

  2. Take a walk before breakfast and after dinner to enjoy a 30-minute walk.

  3. Go shopping in supermarkets not far from home and try not to drive when you can walk.

  4. Watching TV is to sit up straight and don’t nest in the sofa. It would be better if you could watch TV while riding a spinning bicycle.

  5. When driving to the shopping mall, park your car a little further so that you can walk for a while.

  6. I bought fitness equipment for my family, so I must remember to use them.

Small Exercises at Work

In the urban population, busy work and no time have also become the reason why many people do not insist on exercising. In fact, we can also take some small ways to increase the amount of exercise in the office.

  1. Discuss problems while walking with colleagues;

  2. You can answer the phone while walking, or you can answer the phone standing up.

  3. When the floor is not too high, choose to take the stairs instead of the elevator.

  4. You can take a walk when waiting for the plane.

  5. Taking advantage of the rest time after lunch, you can walk around the office building several times as a rest.

  6. Some people fix their notebooks on treadmills and work while walking.

  7. You can stand up and work for a period of time every day.

Efficient exercise movements

These simple movements can exercise many parts of the body and achieve better results in a shorter period of time.

Arrow squat

Begin to stand with your feet slightly apart and your shoulders relaxed. Take a big step forward with your right foot, keep your upper body upright, bend your legs to 90 degrees, hold on for a few seconds, and exchange your left and right legs.

A group of 10, 3 groups at a time. If the ability permits, you can hold a pair of dumbbells and kettle bells in your hand or carry barbells on your shoulder for training. Or jump gently when the left and right legs are exchanged.

Squat down

Start standing with your feet as wide as your hips and your shoulders relaxed. Sit back slowly until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Tighten your abdomen, keep your knees not too forward. Lean your upper body slightly forward, but do not contain your chest. Bend over. Raise your arms forward for a few seconds. Then get up and slowly lower your arms on both sides of your body.

A group of 10, three groups at a time, if the ability permits, you can hold a pair of dumbbells in your hand for training. Or when you stand up, you can make a jump.

10-Minute Efficient Training Program

A training can include 5 ~ 6 movements and repeat them several times. This is a good way to exercise efficiently and avoid boredom in exercise.

Ideally, a training session should include 1-2 minutes of warm-up, followed by 3-5 groups of movement exercises for various parts of the body, and finally appropriate stretching can be carried out.

The following is a brief example of a group of trainings. Everyone can combine their favorite training programs.

For example:

1. Skipping rope for 1 minute, then running in situ or running for 1 minute;

2, 10 push-ups;

3, 20 abdominal rolls or sit-ups;

4. Raise 20 hips, lie flat on the ground, with your arms flat on both sides of your body, point your fingertips to your feet, put your feet flat, and bend your knees 90 degrees.

5, 30 seconds tablet support;

6, 10 squats or arrow squats.

After completing the above 6 steps, you can rest for 10-60 seconds, and then cycle for 5-6 times.

Now get out of the chair and start moving!