Let you finish feeding [emptying your breasts]? The man is either stupid or bad

I always hear new mothers have such worries:

It is said that after feeding milk, the breast should be emptied, otherwise the milk will accumulate and mastitis will occur!

Is it really that serious?

In fact, the amount of milk is commensurate with the baby’s appetite. Today, Dr. Clove invited Dr. Zhang Zheng. She will clearly tell everyone that milking is only required in the following three situations, not [emptying breasts].

Only in these three cases do milking need to be done.

1. Not enough milk, to chase milk

When the baby does not have enough to eat and needs to chase milk, he can milk with a breast pump or hand after feeding in person, so as to increase nipple stimulation and tell the brain that the breast needs to produce more milk.

This will help increase milk production and slowly keep up with the baby’s appetite.

2. Need to wean in a short time

If the child needs to be weaned in a short period of time, and the breast is still [unable to brake the car] for a while, or the milk is produced according to the previous demand, precious mothers often feel that the breast is distended and painful.

At this time, you can use the breast pump to suck out some slightly, so that the breast is not so uncomfortable, remember to suck it down.

3. Milk deposition

If Baoma has accumulated milk, it is necessary to discharge the accumulated milk, but it cannot be sucked by a breast pump.

The breast pump sucks milk to suck out the milk from the breast [with rain and dew stained], and to deal with milk siltation, it is necessary to [break through the key points] and discharge the silted part of milk.

At this time, it is a better choice to let the child suck slightly on the silted part to help the mother discharge the silted milk.

The person who makes you [empty your breasts] is either stupid or bad.

Seeing the mothers here, they also understand that in addition to the three situations mentioned above, in other cases [emptying breasts], they are digging holes for themselves.

1. No reason [emptying breasts] will make the milk house more milk.

Milk is an intelligent process. Breast is like a workshop in front of the shop and behind the factory. Milk is the product of the workshop, while brain is the manager of the workshop.

The business of the manager of Brain is that if the products are sold more, the output needs to be increased slowly. On the contrary, if the demand for the products is less, the output should be reduced.

The same is true for breast milk. If the breast is continuously excreted with a large amount of milk, it will give a signal to the brain that the breast needs to increase production. As a result, under the direction of the brain, the breast will produce more milk.

How bad is milk production?

You know, under normal circumstances, the output of milk can be balanced with the needs of the baby, then this suddenly becomes more…

2. Destroy the balance between supply and demand, but it is easy to cause milk deposition.

Although the brain is quite intelligent when directing milk production, one thing is rather stupid: it can’t tell whether the discharged milk has filled the baby’s stomach or is squeezed out by precious mothers who are worried about [milk deposition].

In this way, Baoma dug a hole for herself: originally, the breasts were produced as much as they needed, and by default the milk was provided to the baby.

Who expected, after the baby was full, the precious mothers were still milking like this, and the signal received by the brain was:

I feel that the baby is not enough to eat this time! More next time!

As a result, the original balance between supply and demand was broken by directing the breasts and producing more milk with due diligence.

The mother produces more milk than the baby eats. The baby cannot eat more milk, and the extra milk accumulates in the breast, which is easy to cause milk deposition.

3. Mastitis takes advantage of the opportunity to enter

Silted milk is likely to become a hotbed for bacterial reproduction. Once there is an opportunity, mastitis will make waves and make nursing mothers miserable.

Having said so much, I just hope that mothers will stop emptying their breasts in a hurry after feeding their children, and will not do bad things with good intentions.