Mastering 4 words, diabetics can also eat zongzi at ease.

It is the Dragon Boat Festival of another year, and sharp, long, sweet and salty zongzi are on the market one after another.

For sugar lovers, it is always a bit painful on festive days:

Can I still eat zongzi with diabetes?

The answer is that sugar lovers who meet the blood sugar control standards can eat zongzi.

If your blood sugar level is up to standard and you can eat zongzi, you should first ask your doctor. Secondly, sugar lovers can refer to the following standards:

    Fasting blood glucose ≤ 7.0 mmol/L; Random blood glucose ≤ 10.0 mmol/L; Glycosylated hemoglobin ≤ 7.5%.

When blood sugar is well controlled, there will be capital to eat zongzi. Sugar lovers need to master 4 words when eating zongzi:

Reduce heterogeneity

Next, let’s talk about the meaning of each word in what.


Zongzi is the staple food. If you eat zongzi, other staple foods will be reduced.

The main ingredients of zongzi are large yellow rice and glutinous rice (Jiangmi), which contain more starch and belong to staple food. Therefore, if you want to eat zongzi, you should eat less or no other food with more starch, such as rice, noodles, sweet potatoes, potatoes, etc. If you eat a fist-sized zongzi (about 120g), you should eat less than a bowl (about 200g) of rice.

For sugar lovers who originally ate only one bowl of rice per meal, if they had already eaten one bowl of rice and had a zongzi, then the carbohydrate in this meal would exceed the standard and the blood sugar after the meal would be very high, which is not surprising.


Sugar lovers eat zongzi and small ones.

Due to the weak satiety and high density of zongzi, two or three zongzi can be easily eaten by people who eat generally, and it is easy to overeat when eating, resulting in excessive energy.

Sugar friends should choose small zongzi, such as about 100g, eat a taste, so as not to exceed the energy standard. Larger zongzi, such as 200g zongzi, eat half a zongzi at a time is enough.


Choose zongzi made of coarse cereals.

For example, the main ingredients of zongzi are glutinous rice (also called Jiangmi) and large yellow rice (also called yellow glutinous rice and millet). Although the effects of these two main ingredients on blood sugar cannot be underestimated, the effects of large yellow rice on blood sugar are slightly lower than glutinous rice. Sugar lovers are recommended to choose zongzi wrapped in large yellow rice.

There are many stuffing of zongzi, sweet and salty. Sugar lovers are recommended to choose miscellaneous grains and bean brown. Zongzi stuffing is coarse grains and beans, such as purple rice, corn, lotus seeds, kidney beans, red beans, oats, etc. These miscellaneous grains can help sugar lovers reduce their blood sugar reaction.

Sugar friends are not recommended to choose sweet zongzi such as jujube paste brown and bean paste brown. The jujube paste and bean paste stuffing of these zongzi contain a lot of fat and sugar, and the blood sugar rises rapidly after eating them.

And salty stuffing zongzi, mostly with pork belly, bacon or salty egg yolk as stuffing, although the blood sugar rise is not as fast as jujube paste brown and bean paste zongzi, but after a period of time still can reach a relatively high blood sugar peak, and lasts for a long time. At the same time, due to a lot of fat, it is easy to cause excessive energy, and sugar friends are not recommended to eat.


When eating zongzi, it is matched with other foods that have little effect on blood sugar to reduce the effect of zongzi on blood sugar.

As the main ingredients of zongzi, namely large yellow rice and glutinous rice, have a great influence on blood sugar, and blood sugar will rise rapidly after eating it. Therefore, it is recommended that sugar friends should eat together with foods that have little influence on blood sugar. For example, when eating zongzi, you can eat some green leafy vegetables first, which can ease the influence of zongzi on blood sugar.

At the same time, this method also increases the volume of food in a meal and increases the feeling of satiety, so as not to stop the car and eat too much.

I would also like to remind all sugar lovers that after eating zongzi, they should remember to monitor the blood sugar 2 hours after the meal. If the blood sugar 2 hours after the meal is ≥ 14 mmol/L, they should go to the hospital to see a doctor.

Moreover, we should also remember to exercise according to our usual sports habits, but we should not be lazy just because of holidays.

Although zongzi is delicious, you can’t be greedy. I wish you sugar friends a smooth Dragon Boat Festival.