Medical Week Hui: 4 Tips to Help You Start Health Plan 2015

4 Tips to Help You Start Health Plan 2015

Just after the Spring Festival holiday, stop lamenting the wild food and drink during the festival and start this year’s health plan with all your hands. Here are four tips to help you.

1. Forget your weighing scale

You are not just the number on the scale. Please remember, Weight is part of self-awareness of health, But weighing too often, It will make you feel frustrated and it is difficult to make correct judgment. You know, Your health will not fluctuate daily like the figures on the scale. And beyond that, There are many more important things to measure. For example, how often and how often you exercise, how much sleep you sleep, how many times you prevent yourself from overeating, And all the efforts you have made for the health of yourself and others. 2. Love your refrigerator every year, You need to clean the refrigerator thoroughly at least once. Take everything out, Wipe the fridge compartments and shelves clean, Check the expiration date of food, And throw away all expired food. Finally, Remember to put the food back into the refrigerator in a more planned way. Dairy products, fruits and vegetables, and processed foods are stored in different categories. Separate raw and cooked ingredients. Organize the ingredients you already have (including those that you have even forgotten), Try healthy recipes. A clean and tidy refrigerator will make your meal time more wonderful. At the same time, it can also make you better preserve fresh and healthy food. 3. Learn the principle of halving. If you want to eat healthier, This advice may help you: That’s the halving principle. Vegetables and fruits are rich in dietary fiber, vitamins and trace elements, and can bring satiety. Changing half of each meal into fruits and vegetables can help you control your calorie intake and achieve nutritional balance more easily. Do you want to eat delicious egg fried rice? No problem, let’s have a blanched green vegetable first! 4. Are you still counting the calories burned in each exercise for health, not weight loss? Then you are probably underestimating yourself. Exercise keeps your heart and muscles healthy, brings vitality, and reduces the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Exercise is not just a calorie consumption calculator, it is more like a preventive way. So, stop focusing too much on weight loss and body change! Change your attitude, think about the health benefits of exercise, and start exercising for your health. Regarding earwax, a few things you need to pay attention to. What should I do if I have too much earwax? Cotton swabs? Ear scoop? Or is it a foreign-style ear candle? Are these methods good for ears? At this time, you need to remember [three attentions, five don’t]. Three attentions: 1. Ear pain, sometimes headache; 2. Hearing loss; 3. Feel that your ears are completely blocked. These situations suggest that you may not only have too much earwax, but also need to see a doctor to see if there is inflammation. Five don’t: 1. Don’t use cotton swabs to dig out your ears, which may push the accumulated earwax deeper. 2. Don’t melt earwax with hydrogen peroxide. If the ears are inflamed, hydrogen peroxide may cause more damage. Try to soften it with baby oil. 3. Don’t do [ear candle]. Although it looks high, it has no therapeutic effect and may damage ears. 4. Don’t use the so-called [ear vacuum cleaner], which claims to suck out earwax and garbage from the ear, but it is actually unreliable. 5. Don’t take it lightly, Many ear diseases can have excessive secretions, You should see a doctor in time. In fact, earwax is a normal metabolite of the ear canal. It has antibacterial and lubricating effects on the external auditory canal. When earwax is abundant, it will fall out by itself. Most of the time, we just let nature take its course and don’t have to deal with it deliberately. Luminous people, it’s time to sleep late at night. You are still working or entertaining in front of the display screen. Have you ever thought that these light sources will affect your sleep and even lead to insomnia? We have a natural [periodic sleep rhythm]: I feel sleepy at noon and at night. Although this [periodic sleep rhythm] is determined by our genetic code, It is also affected by external environmental factors, Especially sunlight. The 24-hour change of daylight alternating day and night is related to our sleep, It fits in with our periodic metabolism. In addition, Artificial light can also affect our sleep. Above the optic nerve junction of the left and right eyes is the hypothalamus. The suprachiasmatic nucleus in the hypothalamus is the logistics leader who controls [periodic sleep rhythm]. Our eyes receive light. The optic nerve transmits these signals to the brain. These two optic nerves are like data cables directly to the battlefield, and the headquarters is in the visual cortex of the brain. When these signals pass through the optic chiasm, the logistics captain will also monitor them. Therefore, whether it is natural light or artificial light, the signals from the front position will affect the logistics captain’s sleep schedule! The light of the morning helps us wake up, The light at night will inhibit our sleep. Since Edison invented the light bulb, With the help of electricity, We have a TV set, Computers, e-books, Mobile phones-all kinds of equipment with [light] make our night rich and colorful. There are many activities in the evening. The buffer time for sleep is also reduced. If you are a night owl and like to hold the display screen before going to bed, you may lose sleep. If you feel difficult to fall asleep and fall asleep later and later, try to reduce the light at night. Reserve an hour without any electronic devices for a good night.