Milk Soymilk Causes Breast Cancer? To prevent cancer, eat like this!

We often say that some outspoken people are easy to [misfortune comes from the mouth]. However, when talking about health, it becomes [misfortune comes from the mouth]…

The [disaster] here refers to diseases, because too many diseases are caused by our daily eating habits.

For example, there are often articles in the circle of friends saying:

Milk and soya-bean milk must not be drunk, you will get breast cancer.

However, nutritionists say that one should drink about half a kilo of milk a day… what can one do?

In people’s life, there are five kinds of foods that are often mentioned to be related to the incidence of breast cancer. It is puzzling whether to eat or not. Dr. Clove will answer them one by one for you.

Soybeans are edible!

As for soybean research, in human and animal research, there are diametrically opposite results. In some animal studies, if mice are injected with more [isoflavone] (a compound in soybean, also known by some businesses as [soybean estrogen]), their risk of breast cancer will increase.

However, in humans, such results cannot be obtained. In fact, soybean isoflavone also seems to reduce the incidence of breast cancer in humans.

Eating bean products is good for health safety. Nutritionists also recommend eating 30-50g of soybean every day, which is about half a kilo of tofu or one and a half kilos of soybean milk.

However, those health products with the title of [soybean isoflavone] or [soybean estrogen] need not be eaten-there is no evidence that these health products can prevent cancer.

Milk can be drunk!

Some people said that cows need hormones, and drinking milk can lead to breast cancer or other types of cancer. But scientists later confirmed that milk was not associated with cancer at all.

Nutritionists recommend drinking half a kilo of milk a day. Middle-aged and elderly people are prone to calcium deficiency, and if they eat less meat, they are also prone to protein deficiency-milk is a perfect supplement.

Therefore, if there is no lactose intolerance, drinking milk will not lead to diarrhea, so drink it at ease!

Vitamin tablets do not prevent cancer!

So far, scientists have not been able to prove that taking vitamin tablets can reduce breast cancer.

For example, [vitamin D], which was once popular, is also claimed to be used to prevent the occurrence of rectal cancer-but it has no obvious effect. Previously, some people advocated that taking vitamin C every day can prevent cancer, but it also has no effect.

Ensure a healthy and reasonable diet every day, which is enough to supplement the vitamins the body needs!

Can eating less fat prevent cancer? Not enough

Many studies have shown that countries with low incidence of breast cancer have a common characteristic: eating less fat.

However, in the US study, no clear relationship has been found between the amount of fat eaten and breast cancer.

This may be because in countries with low incidence of breast cancer, eating less fat is also related to other factors, such as physical exercise and genetic factors. It is not enough to prevent cancer by eating less fat-besides controlling fat in diet, good living habits are more important!

Is eating sugar to nourish cancer cells? Joke

People sometimes say [sugar feeds cancer], but in fact, sugar does not make cancer cells grow faster.

Cancer cells, like most normal human cells, need sugar to provide energy to survive, but eating more sugar cannot make cancer cells grow faster. Similarly, not eating sugar cannot prevent the growth of cancer cells.

If you listen to the misleading of extreme rumors (for example, [starch in staple food is all sugar, eating it is to nourish cancer cells]) instead of eating staple food, you will only make your body hungry and weak day by day!

However, one thing is true-drinking too many sweet drinks and eating too many sweet foods will lead to obesity, thus increasing the risk of breast cancer.

So, how to eat cancer prevention?

Therefore, for these five types of food, foods with high fat content and sugar content should be eaten as little as possible. Soybeans and dairy products can be eaten at ease and there is no need to take extra vitamin tablets.

The American Cancer Society recommends that you eat more vegetables, fruits, coarse grains, red meat (beef, pork and mutton), processed meat (bacon, sausage, luncheon meat, hot dogs), and candy, which should be eaten less.

Apart from breast cancer, a healthy diet actually helps reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke and other cancers.

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