Sweet potatoes, purple potatoes and sweet potatoes are all good things. Which one should I eat?

Sweet potato probably belongs to that kind. As long as you have a little love for it, it will give you infinite delicious and warm food.

When I was a child, I always felt that there would be a baked sweet potato sold at every busy street corner, and I could smell the familiar scorched fragrance from a distance. Later, purple potatoes and sweet potatoes also began to appear in my life. After more choices, people began to struggle:

Is this sweet potato with different colors different from what?

Sweet potato, purple potato or sweet potato, which is better for me to eat?

In fact, no matter which color sweet potato is, it is a good thing. As for which to eat, it mostly depends on the preferences of each of us.

All kinds of sweet potatoes have their own advantages.

Sweet potatoes of different colors have slightly different nutritional values, but they are basically rich in dietary fiber, vitamin C and potassium, and are very [full].

1. Sweet Potato

Sweet potato has more sugar and less starch. It tastes sweet, soft and does not choke. It is especially suitable for baking.

In the process of baking sweet potatoes, some sugar and a small amount of protein will undergo special reactions (Maillard reaction and caramelization reaction), thus giving rise to the irresistible scorched flavor.

Its carotenoid content is very high, of which-carotene can be converted into vitamin A, which is beneficial to improving night blindness.

2. Purple Potato

Purple potatoes have been highly sought after in the past two years and have the momentum to catch up with sweet potatoes.

It has less starch, more protein and slightly different sugar contents in different varieties, so it tastes different.

Purple potato has high anthocyanin content and rich trace elements, which is beneficial to cancer, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and other diseases.

3. Sweet Potato

Sweet potato is rich in dietary fiber, which is especially suitable for people who do not have smooth expansion.

However, because it has more starch and less sugar, it tastes dry and is not suitable for baking.

In a word, there is no such thing as “which is the best” for the choice of sweet potato, purple potato and sweet potato. Choose what you like and eat.

Are sweet potatoes of different colors genetically modified?

No. Different sweet potatoes have different colors just because their ingredients are different.

Purple potatoes are purple because of a large amount of anthocyanins, while sweet potatoes are red because they contain a large amount of carotenoids. There are also many orange vegetables in life because they contain carotenoids, such as carrots, pumpkins, tomatoes, etc.

Is sweet potato skin edible?

The advice is [not to eat].

The reason for this suggestion is that there are more alkaloids in sweet potato skin, which may cause gastrointestinal discomfort. Moreover, sweet potatoes are prone to black spot disease during the growth process. If you see brown or black spots on the skin of sweet potatoes, throw away the whole thing. Don’t be willing to give up, just buy another one.

How much is appropriate to eat every day?

The latest dietary guidelines for Chinese residents recommend that 50 ~ 100g of potatoes are consumed every day, and 100g of sweet potatoes are about the size of a big duck egg.

However, although sweet potatoes are good, not the more the better. Compared with wheat and rice, sweet potatoes have low protein content. It is better to partially replace cereals and try not to eat sweet potatoes as staple food.

Eating sweet potatoes will cause flatulence and heartburn?

Every time I finish eating sweet potatoes, I feel bloated, but I like it very much. What should I do?

There are ways.

Flatulence is mostly caused by eating too many sweet potatoes at once, which is a little too much for the stomach and intestines accustomed to fine rice and flour, so it is good to take it easy, such as:

    Try to eat from less to more, a small amount of times and many times, so that the body can slowly adapt. If digestion is weak and gastric acid is too little or too much at ordinary times, it is better not to eat on an empty stomach. Replace some staple food with sweet potatoes instead of all; Try to eat in breakfast and lunch, so you can have enough time to digest.

Steamed, boiled, roasted, how to do it?

Common methods of making sweet potatoes include steaming, boiling, microwave, roasting, frying, etc. If only in terms of nutritional ingredients, Dr. Clove’s advice is as follows-

    Steaming or microwave method: Can retain nutrients to the greatest extent, Among them, microwave is better. Boiling: Sugar, vitamins and other nutrients are easy to dissolve into water, causing some nutrients to lose. Baking: During the baking process, some sugar reacts with protein, making sweet potatoes emit attractive scorched fragrance, while also losing some nutrients. Fried: Nutrition loss is more, compared with the least recommended method.

Of course, when eating sweet potatoes, there are many other conditions to say, such as time constraints, can only buy ready-made food; For example, no matter how nutritious they are, they love baked sweet potatoes. For example, purple potatoes are preferred when making porridge…

Just choose what suits you.

How can I eat sweet potatoes?

If you are used to white flour steamed buns, you can steam sweet potato steamed buns, purple potato steamed buns and bake sweet potato cakes. If you want to eat something emotional, you can make purple potato pie. If you have children at home, you can also make some dried sweet potatoes as snacks for him.

Sweet potatoes are sweet, soft and delicious. It seems that they are delicious in any way.